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Reviews about Body Image Physical Therapy/Fyzical Aurora

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  • I would highly recommend Body Image P.T. because they are always professional, thorough, caring and on top of their game. Christina helped me get a handle on my rare condition of complex regional pain syndrome 2 years ago. No other therapist was as knowledgeable as she.
    In 2022, I started P.T. for some left shoulder issues. After several months of treatment, I am having less pain, greater range of motion and so thankful for the excellent care that I have received.
    I love the attention given
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    • Thank you for the positive review! We're so glad Chris was able to help you and hope to continue providing excellent care to our patients. All feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • Jeremy was very caring and worked on the areas that he knew needed the help. Front desk was always helpful. Chris knew her area of expertise!
    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a positive and detailed review! We greatly appreciate your feedback and are pleased to know that your experience with us has been helpful. Have a great day!
  • Fantastic place if you're looking for manual therapy combined with all other traditional physical therapy methods.
    • Hello Summer,

      Thank you for the positive review. We appreciate you coming in!

      -Fyzical Team
  • This is by far the most personal and hands-on P.T. I’ve ever received. Not the usual approach of setting me up on a machine for most of the appointment time. Instead, the therapists actually target the problem area in a very individualized manner. It’s my responsibility, now, to continue the progress I’ve made with their guidance. I’d definitely use them in the future, should the need arise.
    • Hi Sharon,

      So glad the team could help you. We're happy to see you're feeling better and excited to know you are putting all the tools we gave you to good use. We hope you won't need to visit us again, but glad we're your first choice. Stay happy and healthy!

      -Fyzical Team
  • Excellent staff, very accommodating. Great therapist (Karin).
    • Hi Max,

      Thank you for the kind review, hope we can continue to help you! Karin is happy she could assist you with your needs and the rest of us on staff will be here to aid you however else we can.

      -Fyzical Team
  • Absolutely the best place that I have been to for PT. They are hands on which made a huge difference for me and everyone is caring and respectful.

    I have been through 3 Back surgeries and an ACL knee repair with them. Chris helped me relearn to walk after my first surgery and although very painful the results made a huge difference for me. When I do the exercises and stretching daily I feel so much better.

    Also, because I trusted them even my doctor was amazed at how much progress I made afte
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    • Hi Kristen,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. We're glad you have been feeling better, and also happy you are continuing your stretches/exercises:)

      -Fyzical Team
  • The care provided is great! Needling by Chris is amazing for angry muscles (when it's over)!
    • Hi Margaret,

      We appreciate the positive review, and also agree, the needling is nice when its over:)

      -Fyzical Team
  • My intake was more thorough than I ever experienced at other facilities. I was given detailed explanations and given a very detailed treatment plan. The staff are extremely friendly and professional and the facility is top notch.
    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for the positive review. We are always here to help and glad you came in. We look forward to working with you.

      -Fyzical Team
  • Monica and Jeremy were amazing. They challenged me daily and get me back to myself. I am pain free. Can’t thank you enough
    • Hi Wendy,

      We are so happy to be able to help. Hearing you are pain free is great news!

      -Fyzical Team
  • Great people, great work!
  • Excellent care! Kind, Compassionate and Understanding!
    • Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We appreciate your support and hope we can continue to help you work towards feeling like your best self!

      -Fyzical Staff
  • I had shoulder surgery to repair three badly torn tendons due to an accident. I initially chose Body Image Physical Therapy because it was closest to my home, and did I ever luck out. My therapist, Jeremy, is exceptional. He was instrumental in helping me to progress from being scared to move because of pain and almost complete immobility to reaching full range and far exceeding my surgeon’s mobility timeline expectations.

    Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. He knew when I
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    • Hi Jessica,

      We are so happy to hear about your progress and that you are feeling better! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us such a great review.

      — Fyzical Team
  • The Physical Therapist at this facility really focuses on each client. I've never experienced a place with such a dynamic and individualized therapy plan. They really know how to alleviate pain, and do beyond your expectations.
    • Hi Tim!

      We are so glad to hear you're feeling better and having good results! We appreciate the positive feedback as well.

      -Fyzical Team
  • Kind, caring and capable. The team here at Body Image is great and caring and took the time to explain why they were doing what they were doing.

    I came in with leg pain that was constantly diagnosed as bulging/herniated disc at other places by other doctors. After listening and assessing, the therapist worked on unlocking my SI joint and brought immediate relief.

    Instead of telling me to just deal with the pain and maybe get back surgery if it doesn't go away, they had the experience to unde
    – show
    • Hi Luke,
      Thank you so much for the positive feedback and the 5 star review. We really appreciate it and are glad we could help. It has been a pleasure being part of your recovery. All the staff here at Body Image wish you well. Thank you.

      -Fyzical team
  • My experience has been great. From my first call to schedule, Rhoda has been great. She’s extremely efficient, very pleasant and she cares! After my first session with Christina, I was feeling a much better. Trust me, it hurts so good! I no longer feel like I have a few nails in my ribs. She is working them out at each session! Great experience!
    • Hi Jill,

      We are very pleased to hear you had such a great experience and we appreciate your feedback!

      -Fyzical Team
  • The therapists were fabulous! Made a big difference in my knee pain. Always answered my questions.
    • Hi Bev,

      We are so glad to help and appreciate your positive feedback!

      -Fyzical Team
  • You will not find any physical therapy practice more thorough, more caring, and more effective for your treatment than Body Image. Chris Price is a physical therapist as a vocation not just a job!
    • Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for your 5 star review. We appreciate your business and assisting you with your physical therapy goals. It was a pleasure working with you, from all the staff here at Body Image Physical Therapy.

      We really appreciate your positive feedback and glad you had such great experience!

      -Fyzical Team
  • I suffered from headaches, soft tissue damage, and other problems in my neck and shoulders. I was off and on with my pain. Out of no where, i started constantly hurting for a year and a half. I sought out acupuncture and it helped to a point. I finally broke down and got a recommendation to this place. Chris did what was called nuro manipulation. I have not been so relieved in a long time. I can last longer now without pain then I have in a few years.

    It was very extensive with the physical tr
    – show
    • Hi Alisa,

      We are so glad you are feeling better and are always happy to help. We appreciate your positive comments. Enjoy your massage, you deserve it!

      -Fyzical Team
  • The exceptional quality of personalized theropy has to be experienced in order to see how different Body Image is from any other physical therapy office. In the last 25 years doctors have sent me to many PT offices and the experience was almost identical. I was told to ride a bike or walk a treadmill for 15 minutes and then for the remaining time have a therapist split their time between myself and one or two other patients. Overall I felt like a cog being shuffled around for 30 minutes.

    As a r
    – show
    • Hi James,
      We are incredible happy with your improvement and really appreciate your kind words. Keep on working hard!

      -Fyzical Team
  • Excellent experience! All the staff are very knowledgeable and professional while still keeping a friendly and comfortable environment. Love that my shoulder and neck are recovering wonderfully. I would highly recommend Body Image.
    • Hi Sherry, thank you for your positive review. We're so glad to hear you're already feeling better and we hope we can continue treating you towards a full recovery!

      Fyzical Staff
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