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Coffee shops in Baton Rouge

Coffee shops in Baton Rouge

81 places
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    • Coffee Call

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      64 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 3132 College Dr F, Baton Rouge
      Delicious, much better than Cafe de Munde
    • Les Amis Bake Shoppe

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      73 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70816, 11826 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge
      2nd time visiting the shop but definitely not my last. So happy to have such a wonderful bakery to bring my kiddos to enjoy a sweet treat. The sweets are incredibly good but the fact that the shop is extremely clean and has the friendliest…
    • Light House Coffee

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      84 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 257 Lee Dr, Baton Rouge
      Had an excellent pour-over coffee with caprese toast. Would easily recommend if traveling through.
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    • Cafe Jeanpierre

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      60 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70814, 10500 Greenwell Springs Rd, Baton Rouge
      The food here is very good, and the wait staff was patient and helpful (I asked for suggestions since it was my for time). The wait time was not long at all either. I’ll definitely be going back.
    • Coffee Bean Cafe

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      71 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70816, 12177 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge
    • Delicious Donuts

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      37 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 216 Lee Dr ste A, Baton Rouge
      Delicious doughnut has one of the best donut in town. I’ll become one of their regular now because the food are amazing. You can tell that their donuts are always fresh. They deserve more support form our local. Please, keep your receipt and don’t…
    • Simple Joe Cafe

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      102 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806, 3057 Government St, Baton Rouge
      Awesome Food and Awesome Service
      Coffee To-Go / Small
      By agreement
      Coffee To-Go / Large
      By agreement
      76 more prices
    • Leola’s Cafe and Coffee House

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      52 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70802, 1857 Government St, Baton Rouge
      Only went for coffee & it appears only drip available.
      Friendly staff, lunch menu looks interesting!
    • Paradise Smoothie Bubble Tea & Coffee

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      60 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70815, 1295 N Sherwood Forest Dr # A, Baton Rouge
    • Highland Coffees

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      61 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70802, 3350 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge
      Very nice coffee and wholesome asethetic
      Brewed Coffees Of The Day
      By agreement
      By agreement
      42 more prices
    • Red Lotus Asian Kitchen

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      6 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70820, 777 L’Auberge Ave, Baton Rouge
      Not many items to choose from on the menu, but the food is delicious. The service is quick and the staff is friendly. I just wish they were open more often than they are.
    • La Divina Italian Cafe

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      66 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 3535 Perkins Rd #360, Baton Rouge
      The meal was average. Its hard to find good italian food in the south but they came pretty close.
    • Teatery - Tea and Tapioca

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      83 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70809, 7620 Corporate Blvd G, Baton Rouge
      My new favorite spot!looking for Great variety of tea smoothies and other specialty treats
    • Milford's on Third

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      51 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70801, 150 3rd St, Baton Rouge
      The breakfast was good and the place is clean and tidy, it just felt impersonal. No waitress service and you are called to collect own food when cooked. Serve your own drinks, drink out out plastic glasses and paper cups for coffee and plastic…
    • Krispy Kreme

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      67 reviews
      24 hours a day
      Baton Rouge, LA 70805, 5504 Plank Rd, Baton Rouge
      Man I had a donut in a long time and in a person was hungry and I and the person went to I mean went to Krispy Kreme and bought a half a dozen glazed donuts and they were delicious next time though they have some popular you don't see nothing but…
    • CC's Coffee House

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      19 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 5000 Hennessy Blvd, Baton Rouge
      10 bucks for two coffees kind of steep..
      7 Oz. Instant Coffee Cafe Special Decaffeinated
      7 Oz. Instant Coffee Coffee And Chicory
      100 more prices
    • CC's Coffee House

      Restaurants Coffee places
      6 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 3930 Burbank Dr M, Baton Rouge
      drinks haven't been great at this location… they have forgotten sweetener several times
    • PJ's Coffee

      Restaurants Coffee house
      57 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70801, 100 Lafayette St, Baton Rouge
      You feel like home at this place. Coffe amazing, Staff wonderful

      Ps to the owners: $4.2 for a red-bull (not including tip) please drop it a bit
    • City Roots Coffee Bar

      Restaurants Coffeeshops
      73 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70802, 1509 Government St SUITE A, Baton Rouge
      Got the shakerato and the sweetness was overkill. Shakeratos are my favorite drink and the execution of it here upset me. I thought it was weird they used like 3 different types of sweeteners or something. Also there was espresso grinds in my…
    • Starbucks

      Restaurants Coffee stores
      60 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70816, 2020 O'Neal Ln, Baton Rouge
      Not Bad But Some of the Baristas Have been Shorting Sweetener that I Payed for And Charge Extra to Steam Milk that Goes in Your Coffee.
    • Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro

      Restaurants Coffee stand
      140 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70809, 6171 Bluebonnet Blvd, Baton Rouge
      Tasty choices and nice atmosphere
    • French Truck Coffee

      Restaurants Specialty coffee
      114 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806, 2978 Government St, Baton Rouge
      Yum! Great coffee, cool atmosphere. Will definitely be returning!
    • Starbucks

      Restaurants Coffee spot
      53 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70816, 3888 S Sherwood Forest Blvd #4, Baton Rouge
      Nice to sit a little and relax!!!
    • Coffee Joy

      Restaurants Coffee bar
      59 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 3617 Perkins Rd #1B, Baton Rouge
      Love the iced chai latte! Great cheesecake, too
    • Panera Bread

      Restaurants Sit coffee shops
      55 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70809, 7877 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge
      Had their new chicken sandwich w/chips, twas very good.
    • Brew Ha-Ha!

      Restaurants Cafe shop
      62 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806, 711 Jefferson Hwy # 2A, Baton Rouge
      Favorite coffee shop in BR! Cool atmosphere, great drink selection, love the peanut butter dizzles and cake balls, staff is friendly. Great place to study / do work or just hang.
    • Magpie Cafe

      Restaurants Cappuccino
      79 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 3205 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge
      Saw this during our visit to Baton Rouge, LA. A wonderful experience with a great atmosphere. Very friendly staff.
    • t&t Cafe

      Restaurants Coffee restaurants
      39 reviews
      3rd St, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, United States, Baton Rouge
      Nice little hole in the wall, type place with friendly staff and a really cool ambiance! the staff was knowledgeable and helpful!
    • Starbucks

      Restaurants Espresso coffee
      41 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70803, 3642 Nicholson Dr, Baton Rouge
      I usually don’t go to this starbucks location because it doesn’t have a drive thru but i placed a mobile order the other day and it said it would be ready in 10 minutes. I drove over there and waited in the store. To my surprise there were about…
    • Panera Bread

      Restaurants Coffee lounge
      6 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 5000 Hennessy Blvd, Baton Rouge
      First time there, Jaz was very helpful in showing me the kiosks and how to use them to see the food prepared. Food was ready fast, sandwiches were excellent. Pricey, but easily the best mac and cheese in town.
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