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    • Anthony's Italian Deli

      Shops Food and drinks
      135 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806, 5575 Government St, Baton Rouge
      Best authentic Italian food in BR
      Brocato Cookies $18.99
      Bellino Amaretti Almond Cookies $10.99
      Lavazza Coffee $13.50
      57 more prices
    • Vivi bubble tea

      Shops Food and drinks
      114 reviews
      邮政编码: 70815, Florida Blvd, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, United States, Baton Rouge
      A great place for a cool drink and a snack. Very relaxed atmosphere and nice staff. The Blue Galaxy has a nice, citrus flavor, and the popcorn chicken comes in several varieties.
      Honey Milk Tea By agreement
      Vivi Signature Fruit Tea $4.75
      Jolly Pop Milk Tea By agreement
      69 more prices
    • Momo tea

      Shops Food and drinks
      27 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70810, 7673 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge
      My friend and I had a very disheartening experience ordering here. I ordered two drinks, both with no ice. The first was made as requested, but the second one had ice. Cool, no big. Simple fix, easy to overlook even though I had mentioned no ice…
      Boba Coconut Milk Tea $5.46
      Hazelnut Milk Tea With Boba $5.46
      Classic Black Milk Tea With Boba $5.17
      60 more prices
    • Place for your ad
      Nicelocal is visited by 20 million customers all over the world
    • King Kong Milktea & Smoothie

      Shops Food and drinks
      60 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70810, 8342 Perkins Rd C, Baton Rouge
      This place is under rated. It's tucked behind rotolos pizza on Perkins. They have a large selection of drinks. Including a machine that makes fresh sugarcane drinks. They have ice cream with bubble waffles. Pretty good stuff. The food is good....
      Passion Fruit Tea $7
      Green Apple Kiwi Tea $7
      Oriental Fruit Tea $7
      69 more prices
    • Yogurtland Baton Rouge

      Shops Food and drinks
      50 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70809, 7474 Corporate Blvd #104, Baton Rouge
      The plain tart yogurt isn't as smooth as it should be.
      Passion Orange Guava Tart
      Salted Caramel Butter Pecan $9.40
      Pistachio $9.40
      12 more prices
    • Counter Culture Frozen Yogurt

      Shops Food and drinks
      67 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70810, 7711 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge
      Came in on 11/16 around 2 pm. When I placed my order the young man in the green shirt and brown curly hair was not wearing gloves while preparing my food. ALL employees should be wearing gloves at ALL times.
      Plain By agreement
      Chocolate — “Only 8” By agreement
      Yogurt Shake $5.29
      40 more prices
    • Jason's Deli

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      82 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 2531 Citiplace Ct, Baton Rouge
      32 Oz Wild Berry Hibiscus Tea (100 Cal) $2.99
      24 Oz Black Currant Tea $2.79
      24 Oz Wild Berry Hibiscus Tea (70 Cal) $2.79
      361 more prices
    • Inga's Subs & Salads

      Shops Food and drinks
      63 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70802, 254 W Chimes St, Baton Rouge
      Very yummy! My husband had veggie sandwich and i had chicken and sausage gumbo.
      Turkey Sandwich (Regular Sub (7”)) $7.75
      Turkey Sandwich (Giant Sub (14”)) $14.50
      Bottled Water $1.50
      41 more prices
    • Marble Slab Creamery

      Shops Food and drinks
      66 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 2561 Citiplace Ct Suite #800, Baton Rouge
      I love the ice cream from this place. I love that they are on Uber Eats, satisfies my sweet tooth late at night without having to leave my house.
      Coke $2.29
      Ozarka Water $1.69
      Dr Pepper $2.29
      20 more prices
    • New York Bagel Jefferson

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      75 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70809, 8210 Jefferson Hwy # A, Baton Rouge
      The restaurant has a website with a menu. When I tried to order something from that menu, the lady taking my order insisted the website was not for their restaurant. Yet the website clearly said the Jefferson location at the top of the page. They…
      Brooklyn Bomber Sandwich $11.49
      The New Yorker Sandwich $13.99
      Mulberry Sandwich $12.49
      28 more prices
    • The Honey Baked Ham Company

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      58 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70809, 7677 Andrea Dr, Baton Rouge
      Food is good. However, two years in a row I pre-ordered food a month in advance for Thanksgiving only to be told they didn't have one of my side items when we arrive to pick up our food. This is frustrating as I ordered well ahead and did not plan…
      Canned Soda $2.79
      Assorted Cookies $1.49
      Coca-Cola, 12 Fl Oz Can $2.79
      61 more prices
    • The Honey Baked Ham Company

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      59 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806, 7015 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge
      I always love this place. Food is great and if you fill out the o line survey, you can get a free sandwich.
      Canned Soda $2.79
      Assorted Cookies $1.49
      Coca-Cola, 12 Fl Oz Can $2.79
      61 more prices
    • Yogurtland

      Shops Food and drinks
      46 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70809, 4250 Burbank Dr, Baton Rouge
      Lots of flavors and the workers are very nice!
      Plain Tart $9.40
      Birthday Cupcake Batter $9.40
      Pistachio $9.40
      5 more prices
    • Pretzel Twister

      Shops Food and drinks
      8 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70836, 6401 Bluebonnet Blvd #2050, Baton Rouge
      Best pretzel place in the mall. I know Auntie Anne's is probably the more classic brand, but the location in the mall refuses to make or serve anything other than their overpriced nuggets. If you want an actual pretzel, you'll pretty much never…
      Tea $1.75
      Gold Peak Tea $1.99
      Bubble Tea $4.75
      25 more prices
    • Atchafalaya Seafood Co.

      Shops Food and drinks
      54 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70805, 2534 N Foster Dr suite b, Baton Rouge
      Iced Tea/24 Oz $0.89
      Iced Tea/32 Oz $89
      Iced Tea/16 Oz $0.79
      192 more prices
    • Paradise Smoothie Bubble Tea & Coffee

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      60 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70815, 1295 N Sherwood Forest Dr # A, Baton Rouge
      Passion Fruit Tea $3.75
      Raspberry Fruit Tea $3.75
      Mango Fruit Tea $3.75
      124 more prices
    • Zero Degrees

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      47 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70802, 3260 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge
      They don’t have milk tea menu any more. Chicken is good.
      Thai Milk Tea $5.60
      Zero Fruit Tea $5.60
      Zero Coffee $5.88
      94 more prices
    • Mi Cuevita Plus

      Shops Food and drinks
      59 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70816, 1853 W Muriel Dr, Baton Rouge
      Typical Mexican food, plus you can send money to other countries. Cash checks! It's a small over crowded market.
      Iced Tea $2.60
      Tajadas Crema O Queso $7.79
      Side Queso $1.95
      79 more prices
    • NOLA Cajun Seafood

      Shops Food and drinks
      79 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70815, 1097 S Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge
      They giving out one hot sausage patty for a 6in po boy doesn't make sense
      And everybody doesn't like their bread toasted they don't even ask you the option instead you get this Toasty toast po-boy bread they really should be doing better by now…
      Bottled Water $1.99
      Cajun Garlic Butter Sauce $1.10
      Crawfish Meat Pie $3.69
      51 more prices
    • Red Stick Spice Co

      Shops Food and drinks
      78 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806, 660 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge
      Lots of great spices and the tea room has delicious flavored teas.
    • The BNC Group / BAR Needs and Daiquiri Mixes

      Business services Food and drinks
      11 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70814, 2621 N Dumont Dr, Baton Rouge
      Daiquiri Shop Consulting By agreement
    • Teatery - Tea and Tapioca

      Shops Food and drinks
      83 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70809, 7620 Corporate Blvd G, Baton Rouge
      My new favorite spot!looking for Great variety of tea smoothies and other specialty treats
    • Milford's on Third

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      68 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70801, 150 3rd St, Baton Rouge
      El lugar es lindo, limpio y con buena atención!
      La comida es rica, la hacen delante de ti y sabes que te estás comiendo do algo fresco, en ocasiones por esa razón la sirven muy muy muy caliente. Pero es un buen lugar para comer a cualquier hora…
      ham and cheese $8
      scones $3
      salmon salad $11
      27 more prices
    • Cannatella Grocery

      Shops Food and drinks
      45 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806, 3869 Government St, Baton Rouge
      I found a number of products that you can't find anywhere else and delicious food that I purchased for Thanksgiving. It's fun to visit and see all that they have..
    • Trader Joe's

      Shops Food and drinks
      110 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 3535 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge
      Great location and great parking lot! I'm used to TJ'S being in a hard to access location with ridiculous lots. Disappointed this one didn't have siracha bacon, though.
    • Iverstine Farms Butcher

      Shops Food and drinks
      80 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70810, 7731 Perkins Rd STE 100, Baton Rouge
      The butcher helped me pick the best choices Meats, we had a delicious steak and bacon and I some pork belly to cook for Christmas eve. Will be going back
    • Calandro's Supermarket (Mid-City)

      Shops Food and drinks
      51 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70806, 4142 Government St, Baton Rouge
      Great variety of groceries. Good prices on all groceries. A very vast selection of beer, wines and alcoholic beverages.
      Fresh Seafood By agreement
      Oven-Ready Meat/Seafood Dishes By agreement
      Local Produce By agreement
      5 more prices
    • Maxwell's Market

      Shops Food and drinks
      66 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 6241 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge
      I recently ordered from Maxwells Perkins Rd location, we live out by Highland and I accidentally placed the order at the wrong location. After realizing this, instead of canceling my order I knew they had probably already started on I decided to…
      Seafood By agreement
      Wine, Spirits & Beer By agreement
      Prepared Foods By agreement
      2 more prices
    • Tony's Seafood

      Shops Food and drinks
      356 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70805, 5215 Plank Rd, Baton Rouge
    • Southside Produce Co Inc

      Shops Food and drinks
      108 reviews
      Baton Rouge, LA 70810, 8240 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge
      First time to visit!! Excellent variety of fruits and vegetables!!
    Average company rating - 4.5 based on 2,265 reviews and 4,903 ratings