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81 reviews
Jessica G.
September 26, 2023
Advantages quick delivery and quality furniture Disadvantages none Comment They are my go to company from now on for all my restaurant furniture needs. They have an excellent assortment of restaurant seating at affordable prices. I ordered 6 single and 8 double custom booths with a wood frame and natural wood finish. Delivery was fast, all booths arrived without a scratch. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.
9 reviews
Erin M.
September 22, 2023
Disadvantages I rarely feel strongly enough about a place to write a bad review, but I truly had a horrible experience here. I took in 8 garments for alterations as I have recently lost some weight (about 15 lbs, so we're talking about taking in items one size down on average). I picked up the items close to their closing time (mistake) and tried them on at home and was so upset. As you can see in the pictures, problems were everywhere - seams that were unraveling, seams that were horribly crooked
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Prince S.
September 17, 2023
Advantages This is where God made a "great change" n my life, always will b my church home: Jesus I'll never forget, the Sunday afternoon n the Samual Hancock Autorium, what u did for me,how u set me free, 1964,.. Disadvantages To me, it dosen't get any better, thank U Jesus,. Comment Delighted to c the great work continuing, as the Lord using Bishop Katchum/Sister Deborah,
106 reviews
Santiago P.
September 6, 2023
Advantages I like Richardson because it is bigger than Pasteur. Disadvantages I don't like doing remote learning like how I came in as a 5th grader in 2020. Comment Richardson is the best middle school in Chicago because I got to meet students from Peck and continued seeing my friends from Pasteur. my sister Ximena came to this school before, she came in to Richardson in 2017 and then she graduated in 2021.
47 reviews
August 27, 2023
Advantages We worked with Celeste’s Flower Shop for our wedding and I absolutely loved our flowers. It was great working with Miriam — she took care of everything! She asked really thoughtful questions and had us share our Pinterest board to understand our vision. She captured it perfectly!! I look forward to working with them again for all of my floral needs!! Disadvantages None
Mark L.
August 18, 2023
Advantages Amazing communication Comment Miranda went out of her way to build a comprehensive list of apartments that fit my needs. I've never seen somebody in her position put that much effort forward. It turns out I am staying in my current building - but would have loved to put something on the board for Miranda. She rocks!
1 review
August 17, 2023
I highly recommend Less Cleaning. The staff were super friendly and attentive. All my questions and concerns were fully addressed. Quick and easy quote via text. And my rugs looked amazing! Tell your neighbors about this local business. Thanks!
9 reviews
Brielle T.
August 14, 2023
Comment I danced with A&A Ballet in their Conservatory program from 2018-2019, and the Youth Company program from 2020-2023. The training gave me such a strong technical foundation, and truly set me up for my future in pursuing a professional career. I also received tremendous teaching opportunities from levels starting at Pre-ballet to adult ballet, having these experiences in teaching has made it possible for me to start choreographing as well. I am so thankful for my years at A&A, I would definitely
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62 reviews
Ricardo R.
August 12, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages Should have found someone else or did it myself Comment HORRIBLE LEGAL SERVICE Unfortunately, I was referred to chris acuna by another law firm to handle an eviction. If you are seeking counsel for an eviction(s) FIND ANOTHER ONE. In my opinion, this firm is strictly "TENANT FRIENDLY."  As a landlord of a small property, I cannot afford to have an eviction dragged out for five to six months. I repeatedly asked chris to ask the judge to EXPEDITE the case. What did
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5 reviews
Carl R.
August 10, 2023
Advantages They came to my house and I never had to venture out. Disadvantages All was good with the work performed. Comment I found his team on the internet so I had my worries. I was a bit leary at first because I have been scammed by contractors before but Omar was pleasant and put my mind at ease. I had an idea of what i wanted but Omar suggested that I do it a different way. I liked his recommendation and it came out great which I loved! Very professional and was a man of his word. Time
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128 reviews
August 10, 2023
Advantages i needed to get my license plate installed but didn’t have the right backing, they ordered it on amazon prime for me, installed and all for no charge. 10/10 service Disadvantages nothing Comment great service
August 7, 2023
Advantages It was clean and the doctor was extremely nice. I loved my experience there, but after was where I had issues. Disadvantages Where do I begin? I went in to get a spot checked on my face. The doctor was very welcoming and accommodating, however, when I got the bill, it was over $325. I was shocked! I called billing to ask questions on why it said I was an “level 3 patient” and the woman was so incredibly rude to me. I asked to speak to the manager before I got even more upset. The manager
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4 reviews
LaQuita B.
July 8, 2023
Went to cash in some lottery tickets a few days ago and waited patiently in line for the cashier to assist me. She instead took the man who had not only entered the store after me but was in line after me. I walked out......I went back today to speak with the manager about it and the manager basically says the other customers are more important so they will take them first and make you wait . I told him this was bad service as I waited in line and regardless what I was there for I was the next in
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8 reviews
July 8, 2023
Advantages I got to learn how to drive more and better Disadvantages Everything went very well Comment Arno was a very good instructor and the main reason for my success.He was very cool and very observant of my driving and helped me fixed my mistakes I was making and I got better thanks to him.Arno makes a good impression on Ruiz driving school
Mohammed K.
July 5, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages Inattentive, poor communication, lack of responsibility or remorse, unprofessional Comment ***STAY AWAY*** One of the most incompetent cat sitters I've ever dealt with. Randi took in our 5 cats while we were on vacation for a week. On the second day, I get a call telling me that 2 of my cats had jumped out of an open window. The next day, she texts me saying that 2 of my other cats also escaped from an open window. She claimed to open the window because her "AC is
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Geneva B.
July 3, 2023
Advantages The owner was very friendly and discussed several options for repairing my damaged and broken windows. He expressed a sincere desire to meet my needs and quoted me a very reasonable price. He did an excellent job, and I am very pleased with his work. Disadvantages NONE Comment The owner worked around my schedule to setup times to work on my windows. He was willing to work on the weekend to get the job done. He was very helpful and friendly.
2 reviews
Ashley b.
June 19, 2023
Horrible experience!!! This girl took my money and didn’t provide me with a dress. She’s a scammer! She is extremely rude, impatient and dishonest! No customer should have to experience what I went through. I do not recommend shopping with this company at all!
lakeisha G.
June 9, 2023
Advantages Terrific parking both street and valet Disadvantages building /slow elevator Comment I've tried several programs and diets to lose weight with little to no results. While complaining to my co-worker and inquiring how she manage to lose weight. She told me all about Doctor's Orders weight loss and the Wegovy Shots. I started my weight loss journey a couple of months ago and I am astonished with my results. I can not thank Dr. Fini and Doctor's Orders weight loss enough.
21 reviews
Joseph H.
June 8, 2023
Advantages Liked nothing Disadvantages Disorganized and totally lacking in service. Comment I am new in the neighborhood and took in some cleaning and alterations (shorten pants). Went back to pick up my items and: 1. the alterations were not done. 2. They tried to give me the wrong slacks. 3. The could not find my shirts. And: NO apology for the mess. And: NO words of thanks for my business. I will NEVER go back to this place again. Date of services rendered June 8, 2023 Specialist
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48 reviews
June 6, 2023
Disadvantages DO NOT GO HERE!!! I was quoted and confirmed a completely different price (way less) over the phone than in-person. Also, Monica was demeaning and refused service to tint my windows due to me recording my car before handing over the keys. This was my first time receiving this service and at this location, she initially made me feel uncomfortable due to the lack of graciousness that is expected in customer service. According to Monica, if I can't trust her with my vehicle then why get
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77 reviews
June 6, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages Tacky childish management ie. admission windows is there thrown were u wait to hopefully get to kiss employees foot to get in Because what they’re most famous for more than anything else is customer abuse. After waiting in check out line I was ignored at window although I politely asked 3 times if windows was open for check out. GM called me back ranting over me on endless tangents. GM refused to listen and when I wouldn’t apologize for complaining he hung up
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Noah M.
June 5, 2023
Do you remember how much they charged you for the repair?
90 reviews
Tyler G.
June 2, 2023
Advantages Terrible business. Booked my appointment on Monday. Tuesday I called to ask about the hair and she acted like she didn’t know I was coming. She then told me to text her to confirm for Thursday, which I did. Thursday comes and the person who told me to text is not there. There are only two workers and 3 clients including myself. One of the clients was still waiting to be seen. I text the number and the person I confirmed says “I’m not there today”. That’s means I must wait for the
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15 reviews
May 28, 2023
Advantages Pastor Norful is a true man of God, He is very humble, a great husband, father and son, I enjoy listening to him deliver the word, it feeds my soul. Disadvantages I would like to hear him in person more often. I wish he would come back to the southside church (Chicago). Comment The spirit of the lord is with him, when he walks in the room you can feel the presence of the Lord.
127 reviews
Jessica W.
May 27, 2023
Advantages They're top notch Disadvantages There are no cons with this company. Comment I was able to get a low interest home loan from my CREDIT KARMA app after fixing my credit. Are you looking to fix your credit, in order to qualify for better rates? I recommend Jerrylink credit group. They're fast, reliable and secure. You can reach out to them via jerrylinkgroup on gmail.
May 20, 2023
Advantages Love this location! the staff is always welcoming and do their best to make me feel comfortable every time I visit. I highly recommend!
16 reviews
May 11, 2023
Hi Cosana! We love hearing from you! Thank you for reaching out and providing us with valuable feedback. We take great pride in our work, and your review has demonstrated that is does. and appreciate you letting us know. We hope to see you again soon!
15 reviews
May 11, 2023
Good day Maria, This is Wilma the new Customer service manager, I've had a chance to review your complaint, and I'd like to apologize for the experience that you had. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us so we can make it right.
101 reviews
April 23, 2023
Comment 5 stars for Gino! I’ve been an avid fan of NBC5’s Alex Maragos for years- (sidenote: as amazing as he is on tv, he’s an even better all-around person). After catching wind that Gino DiFranco was Alex’s barber/stylist, I sought Gino out. From the very first haircut, Gino has consistently done the impossible: make me look and feel like a movie star every time I leave the barber chair. Gino has been considered among THE #1 best barbers in the Chicagoland area for decades. You can
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72 reviews
April 20, 2023
That’s really awful. He has asked me non-sequitur questions and can see him crossing boundaries easily.
Robert P.
April 10, 2023
Comment In my opinion one of the worst agent I had “pleasure” to deal with. I had insurance with (paid yearly in advance) him from August 2021 to August 2023. In July 2022 we had tornado and bad wind and my roof start to leak. I made claim and first inspector was here in August 2022 ( he said that was old roof and wether had nothing to do with it) and I request another inspector who said the same thing ( he came end of September 2022 and I received report on October 15th) They send me a letter
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30 reviews
Jared s.
April 7, 2023
Disadvantages Management Skills, Wont respond to emails, calls, texts, Comment STAY AWAY!! We hired Jeremey and Stacey back in 2021 and are still dealing with warranty items that are in our contract that still have not been resolved. It has been a very disappointing process. We spent over 50k with them and cant even get a response. Jeremy will not provide a cell phone #, and will not respond to emails. They constantly change their emails, and only provide their "business" phone # so they make
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107 reviews
Anthony P.
March 28, 2023
Advantages It was right down the street from were we live Disadvantages I don't have any Comment everyone was great they took care of us and always kept us in informed on our vehicle I can't thank them enough for all the hard work they did on our jeep thanks to your staff and everyone thanks so much 5 star to you all
6 reviews
Salvador M.
March 25, 2023
Advantages Very professional Polite, and pleased to have such working crew Recommend 100 por cent
2 reviews
March 23, 2023
Contacted for staircase tuckpointing, Highly recommend company Good quality work, did everything as proposed in the timeframe as promised highly satisfied would use his services again
20 reviews
March 19, 2023
Store is open again
Karter H.
March 14, 2023
Comment They are experienced editors who are always willing to help. They've done excellent work. This saves so much time and my sanity. Indisputably professional and, thus, reliable. My English is getting better.
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