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  • 4.5
    Lake City, FL 32055, 1771 NW Lake Jeffery Rd, Lake City
    46 Great store. Great employees!
  • 4.1
    Lake City, FL 32055, 3289 W US Hwy 90, Lake City
    98 SLOW and we got curly fries instead of crinkle and if they told us we would have gotten potato cakes instead. Good chicken sandwich though.
  • 4.3
    Lake City, FL 32055, 5087 W US Hwy 90, Lake City
    54 this store has some fruits and vegetables…fresh
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  • 4.2
    Lake City, FL 32055, 1203 E Duval St, Lake City
    42 Did some comparison shopping. Ok, DG, when your prices are higher than Winn-Dixie or Publix, something's wrong! Makes me wonder why these stores are so popular! smh
  • 3.8
    Lake City, FL 32055, 2962 US Hwy 41, Lake City
    4 Placed an order, tracking info went dead after a day, waited four days after the shipping date for the package, food was thawed and disgusting, called and had another resent and again received no tracking info, never received my package, called…
  • 4.1
    Lake City, FL 32025, 3118 SW Main Blvd, Lake City
    51 Nice selection of groceries and household items. A little cluttered at times.... like most DG's I suppose lol.
  • 4.1
    Lake City, FL 32025, FL-238 #101, 168 SE, Lake City
    51 Pizza
  • 4.1
    Lake City, FL 32055, 136 NW Bascom Norris Dr, Lake City
    43 I think the employees are very rude in comparison to other Dollar Generals. They don’t speak when you get up to the counter to check out unless you ask something and even then it is with attitude. There is no how are you or have a nice day…
  • 4
    Lake City, FL 32025, 2172 SE Baya Dr, Lake City
    48 Store was absolutely a wreck!! Filthy!! Shelves not stocked, dust and dirt everywhere!!!!
  • 3.4
    Lake City, FL 32025, 826 SW Amberwood Loop Apt 101, Lake City
    15 This place have been renovated and it look absolutely amazing
  • 3.9
    Lake City, FL 32055, 683 W Duval St #101, Lake City
    46 I like the dollar general coz the one by me on branford hwy I love all the staff and it stays open late and I can add my cash app and they only bad thing is when coke products they is never enough but it not their fault
    But the bathrooms are clean…
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