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    • 4.8
      FL 33321, 5600 Hiatus Rd, Tamarac
      228 I attended Gold Coast last August and my professor was Gaspare. Being that Gaspare has extensive experience in the field it was super easy to understand what was being taught. Looking forward to impacting communities and SoFlo.
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    • 4.9
      FL 33321, 7915 W McNab Rd, Tamarac
      31 I love my tai chi class. Sifu Grant’s love of the art comes across, as he guides you through the class with ease and comfort. He creates an environment that makes you feel positive. I signed up for the class for Mindfulness, and, find that I can…
    • 4.8
      FL 33321, 10120 NW 71st Pl, Tamarac
      10 Great Teacher. She goes out of her way to give the opportunity to kids to experience festival, evaluations, etc if they wish to participate. She has a lot of patience and is very well organized. She likes her students to learn the techniques…
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    • 3.6
      FL 33309, 3601 W Commercial Blvd #16, Tamarac
      4 very bad customer service, do not answer phones, phones out of order. terrible, there is no one to talk to to ask the courses
    • 4.3
      FL 33321, 5703 NW 94th Ave, Tamarac
      18 I almost regret bringing my daughter to this school. My daughter was injured in class and I did not get any notice of it. I brought it to the admins attention all they tried to do was make me not believe my daughter and question everything. I…
    • 2
      FL 33321, 7114 N University Dr, Tamarac
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    • 5
      FL 33321, 6451 N University Dr, Tamarac
      10 It’s been great having you as my teacher this year! Thanks for everything, Mr.DAN
    • 2.8
      FL 33321, 5803 NW 94th Ave, Tamarac
      53 W school, no classes during Hurricane Ian
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