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in Greensboro
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Courtney P.
November 26, 2023
Advantages There was honestly nothing good I am contribute . Disadvantages Mr. Weckworth missed our first appointment he then took our money for a child custody case. After this he never would return any calls emails nothing. He failed to notify me of court twice and blamed the other attorney for canceling. After asking for my files repeatedly I never was issue them. Comment I basically had to file a complaint with the state bar to help negotiate a refund and he failed to comply so now a complaint
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18 reviews
October 5, 2023
Advantages I think this place is terrible the people there are so rude the first time I talked to the lady on the phone she was very very rude to me I set an appointment for my two puppies the day before their appointment they had to get their shots so I couldn't fill out the information and I told her that and she canceled my appointment and replaced me with somebody else and said I'm sorry I told her that she was rude and she didn't seem to care I would never take my dog to this place and leave
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24 reviews
Jada G.
September 8, 2023
Comment BELIEVE THE OTHER REVIEWS YOU SEE ABOUT UNPROFESSIONALISM! I attended Ms. Chavies’ first class from Feb 2023-May 2023. (Natural Hair) Ms. Chavies had been consistently undermining the intelligence of myself & others, by making derogatory comments about our competence. Specifically, about our "common sense" regarding situations in which she thinks we should already know what to do. If she would simply critique our work and not us as people, things would be a lot better. It is demotivating
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17 reviews
September 7, 2023
Advantages elaborate lab testing and feedback on issues you wouldn't get at a regular doctor's office. large chairs with no arms for inclusivity of all-size patients. Disadvantages no longer wearing masks, belittling patients who choose to wear a mask, require a $100 start up fee and require a co-pay / visit each month to refill meds, extremely rude via mychart messages and unwilling to help a patient who has never been on medication before, telling me I need to be on a new medication even when
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Mindy Y.
August 25, 2023
Advantages NOTHING Disadvantages over charge RUDE took way too long to complete job Comment We used Blu Sky Restoration after a tree fell on our house during a storm last June. After months of messing around they finally started the job. They did part of the job that was originally quoted and filed with the insurance company and said they were finished. After weeks or back and forth they came back and did some more work, and finally months later they came back and did some more. The last time
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1 review
July 27, 2023
This was the 4th time I purchased from this website so I feel it's time for a review. Most recently I bought a wood grained humidifier for my plant babies. It works great so far! It's on 24/7 and even has a little night light for my cat. Next, I'll be ready to buy some new pots for the garden.
Linda B.
May 15, 2023
Advantages Daved and John were friendly and professional. They did great job.
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