Greensboro, Pleasant Ridge Road, house 1137

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Some infrastructure required for living, recreation, and work is not available near the building

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1137 Pleasant Ridge Road — everything you need is closeby. All restaurants, beauty salons, medical centers, entertainment, educational and cultural entities in 1137 Pleasant Ridge Road. — every establishment in building number 1137 on Pleasant Ridge Road in Greensboro with user reviews, ratings and photos.
  • North Carolina Baseball Academy

    1 review
    Greensboro, NC 27409, 1137 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Greensboro
    What's good here, Good question. If you your looking for the best for your kids in baseball, the Academy is it. From hitting lessons, to proper catching lessons the academy does it all. Can't go wrong
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  • hbi Shop

    Shopping malls Business center
    1 rating
    Colfax, NC 27235, 208 Little Santee Rd, Greensboro