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2 reviews
Ian S.
September 13, 2023
Excellent service and very clean vehicles. We booked round trip from Kona Airport to our resort and the service was exceptional. We were met in the terminal, and the driver handled our luggage and took us to an air-conditioned waiting new SUV and provided the best of service, our driver called ahead to a pub to order us some food on the way to our resort, as we arrive very late after most restaurants were closed. The return trip was even better, as we departed early in the morning, and the driver
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Barry H.
August 27, 2023
Advantages Renting the car was from ne Disadvantages When I picked up the car the gas tank wasn’t full. The Hertz guy said just bring it back at the same level. I took a photo of the gas gauge and when I turned the car in I showed the girl that the level was the same. She said no problem. A half hour later they emailed my receipt and charged me $20 to fill the car. What an absolute ripoff. They also don’t answer their phone locally so no conversation is possible. Don’t rent from Hertz at
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135 reviews
Emily F.
August 3, 2023
Advantages Amazing customer service! Comment I want to commend the manager Annette Palacio for exemplary service. I needed a battery to open the property gate so I could drive my car and keep the animals inside. I was biking or walking only at this point. This market didn't have the battery so Annette gave me the phone number for another local business but they didn't answer. She then, so kindly, offered to check in the Princeville store near where she lived - on her personal time! She came
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84 reviews
July 22, 2023
Advantages Glad I called Precision! Harry's daughter gave me a very affordable est. Waited about two weeks for the windshield and said it'll take ~3-hrs total; come in at 10 leave at 1pm. But the time needed was now changed from 10am to 4pm wait time...Since I didn't want or have the time to wait that long I then wanted to cancel/reschedule the job. We walk out to where Harry was working on a car and after hearing the my concerns Harry Rock CastroThe Great (owner) lived up to his honest
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2 reviews
Debbie L.
July 1, 2023
Lacks professionalism and is very heavy handed. I’m 82 years old and Dr. Ted was not gentle with me. He and I both watched the tremor in his hand, with focus he was able to stop it. I wondered if he was on drugs. He made a completely unusable bridge for me that I couldn’t use to speak or eat because it was so ill fitting. Before giving me the bridge, he angrily shaved the teeth down below my other teeth, so it looked ridiculous. I wouldn’t trust him to do implants either with his archaic equipment
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Christine M.
June 30, 2023
The best orignial designs on quality fabric, comfortable and easy to wash and wear. I have been wearing Na Makua clothing for decades and I'm so happy to order online and still get the same style, quality, and comfort, perfect for Hawaii or anywhere. They even have sale items. Mahalo Na Makua!
June 23, 2023
Comment Very friendly and excellent service, both my grandparents and my parents love the furniture and decorations they got! I even bought some fu dogs and cabinets to make my apartment look nice!
23 reviews
Darrel A.
June 5, 2023
Advantages Rogers guitars has repaired all of my guitars and have always, always done an excellent job. My arch guitar fell off it's stand the other day and broke one key and went out of tune, so it's time to bring it in for repairs and check if the neck needs adjusting. Thank goodness we have someone that can do proper repairs at a reasonable cost. Thanks guys!!!
11 reviews
Pat R.
May 24, 2023
Advantages Joanne King is very caring and giving. Disadvantages Wish I could see her more often. Comment I went to see Joanne King for some yoga therapy. She was kind, warm and welcoming. She demonstrated one exercise where she laid on the floor and asked me to sit on her waist. With her hands and feet, she pushed her body along with the weight of mine off the floor. So strong and flexible. Afterwards, I felt her hard biceps. She smiled as I kissed them both. Then she embraced me and guided me
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67 reviews
April 4, 2023
Advantages None. Run! Disadvantages This is an expensive scam. I went as far as buying the eye cream which appeared to work when I was there but has not had any results since I’ve been home. We did the demonstration with the red light and they tried to scam us for an outrageous price to buy it, we were told initially that we would have results with one treatment. Pushy salesmen that won’t take no for an answer. Told us we could return in 14 days and we took them at their word. Liers! Don’t go in
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11 reviews
Extremely D.
March 21, 2023
Advantages He's a friendly guy, but that's about it. His work is not impressive, and he's spiteful. Disadvantages We hired him with specific instructions not to use filters on our photos, and we hired him with an extra shooter so that the two of them could get better coverage of the event. Instead of doing that, they stayed together the entire time (and each is in quite a few of the other's photos), and they focused a LOT on the groom and groomsmen, without hardly photographing the bride or bridesmaids
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