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in Kentucky
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March 24, 2023
Advantages This is hands down the best law firm in Paducah! Jeff is not only very well-versed in his knowledge in the field of Law, he is down-to-earth, practical, and very easy to talk to. At the same time, Jeff is no-nonsense, takes your case very seriously, and does meticulous research for his clients. Comment The staff at Alford Law Firm are very friendly and always willing to help. If I could give a 5 star review, they definitely deserve a 10+. I have, and will continue, to highly recommend
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10 reviews
Mid l.
March 15, 2023
Advantages Found Campcraft late in life and have enjoyed every built of the intensive but relaxed learning. You learn a ton in a short period of time but the instruction is paced to your abilities. They also have online classes for those who can't travel and a great line of handmade bags etc to tote your stuff in the next adventure Disadvantages Covid slowed down in person learning and changed the way most people want to travel now. As a result CC seems to have slowed down in person training
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Susie D.
March 7, 2023
What Recovery Plus has done 4me is a lot They Taught me How to cope with life and how to open up to people to talk and communicate with people and trust again They taught me how to be independent and They taught me boundaries on How to say no that was my biggest problem until I came here I finally learn to say no they took me to church and I love it I and got save and they gave me a opportunity to get close to god and they took me to meetings and I really love listening to people and they made
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3 reviews
March 5, 2023
Friendly staff but if you have any questions you have to go in to get ahold of any workers because none of the phone numbers on websites work, no working numbers.
61 reviews
Brett W.
March 1, 2023
Advantages None. Disadvantages In June of '22 we gave True Line Builder a deposit of $51,775.00 to build a foudation and basement for a home we wanted to build in Puryear, Tn. The foundation work they did was done so poorly, their own engineer had them tear it all out. After everything was removed, David Nash (True Line's owner) said he didnt want to continue with our project and agreed to give us our money back. He said he was done with building homes and was going to stick to roofing. Two days
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39 reviews
Andy C.
February 20, 2023
Advantages Knowledge, Service, honesty, fairness, helpful. Disadvantages None Comment CT Diesel Performance. Where do I start? I was moving a friend of mine from Ohio to Georgia and my 2015 Ram Eco Diesel truck broke down on interstate 75 South by Richmond, Kentucky, just south of Lexington. Four calls to Four different dealerships proved that none were really willing to try to help at all. If I wanted to wait 1 week to 1 month to get it looked at they would be of service. Lol. I ended up
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James c.
February 19, 2023
Advantages Nine Disadvantages I went in the late 80's and u guys didn't go to the same place as me. At Morganville, there was riots , gang fights u could not walk outside without being jumped by 4 or 5 guys. And no place for a girl to go. Was transferred to satellite and it was alot better Date of services rendered 1987 Specialist description Brick mason
February 15, 2023
Advantages Adapt Health has great service and always available to assist you. My RT today was Rae. She was very patient and understanding. She assisted my in selecting and measuring for my next mask. Thank you very much! Disadvantages None
74 reviews
Amanda S.
February 14, 2023
Advantages Just love them that are great people Disadvantages None
1 review
William C.
February 9, 2023
Refusing to honor agreement on a 90 days same as cash promotion. Refusing to refund $318. I would not do any business with them
4 reviews
Beth C.
February 8, 2023
Love Jennifer. My granddaughter LOVES her personality as Jennifer cuts up with her and makes it fun to get an adorable haircut! She’s very flexible in scheduling, very experienced and very kind.
30 reviews
Amanda H.
February 3, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages Armourflo caused over $1,000 of damage to my basement. They scratched every wall of every room they went in. Got epoxy and chip/flake flooring on all of the trim around the floor, they also got it on the vanity, doors, a few walls, and the wood stairs. During this whole process they canceled appointments, showed up late, and lacked communication. Comment The manager complained about how repairing the damage they caused was costing him money. Date of services rendered 11/01/22
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69 reviews
February 1, 2023
Advantages Phone receptionist was nice. Disadvantages Dishonest and unethical business practices. Comment In my short scheduled visit here, I was repeatedly lied to, rushed in and out and pressured at just about every step of my visit. I seriously question the business integrity of Floss 32 along with the positive reviews they have - not one part of my experience was positive except for the initial call to make an appointment. I scheduled my appointment weeks in advance for a cleaning, exam,
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3 reviews
Donald s.
January 31, 2023
Our break room is always stocked with good stuff! Cheap prices and friendly service
Mishell K.
January 21, 2023
Advantages We have a home warranty, and they contract with that company. Disadvantages While they try, they aren't always the best at keeping people informed. Comment About three weeks ago, I called the gas company to come out because our gas wasn't working. Before the inspector left, he smelled a gas leak and ended up taking our meter. I called the home warranty company and High Standards agreed to come out and look at it. They initially ran a new line from our meter to my husband's shop.
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46 reviews
Polly j.
January 21, 2023
Advantages Very thin floors. We are moving. New management is horrible. Had maintenance walk in while I was sleeping unannounced Disadvantages Sound proofing. Better management Comment New management is horrible Date of services rendered March 2022 to now Specialist description Melissa
6 reviews
Michael 1.
January 20, 2023
Can I preview your staff and will I be able to pick
104 reviews
River c.
January 17, 2023
Advantages CJ & Mike hill once agin I walked in and meet to great and welcoming employees they was very informative and so help A+ gentleman keep up the great work thank you Chris mills Disadvantages Nothing it was perfect Comment How laid back they was and how knowledgeable they was about their vapes and Vape products. Keep on rocking guys.
3 reviews
January 9, 2023
Kara is so much fun to work with!! She made us feel so at ease and really cared enough to take time and play with our kids to make sure they were also comfortable. I feel like I was reuniting with an old friend because she is so personable and sweet and makes you feel beautiful. Her prices are ridiculously low in comparison to what you get from her and the quality of work that she does. Get in with her now before she figures it out and charges her true worth!!!!
57 reviews
January 9, 2023
Disadvantages We went in to get my granddaughters nails done for a girl's day out and the girl that did my granddaughters nails was very rude, my granddaughter tried to talk to her and she just sit there not saying a word and as she was doing her nails she cut her cuticles and sides of her fingers so bad that my granddaughter couldn't use her fingers because they hurt so badly, after we got home the polish started coming off, so my granddaughter thought if she took a bath it might help her hands
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December 27, 2022
Advantages Parking Disadvantages Iknow purchasing here goes for a good cause, but come on! The prices. Have seen some of the items for months(if not years) in this store.. management needs to get products moving with either reduced prices, sales, discounts, etc... you can buy the items they sell cheaper on line or in Walmart! Comment They put"ebay" listed prices on things... do they not realize, most of eBay items do not sell at listed prices!? I have seen better pricing at antique stores! Date
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December 15, 2022
Advantages Drug test and respirator mask fit was great Disadvantages The PA Dustin told me that as long as I got my Dr to list restrictions which I have no restrictions then everything was good with my physical which I passed completely, then advised potential employer that I didn't pass. He lied to my face and changed his story costing me a job. Very unprofessional and a PA going against a Dr. Really unprofessional Comment Very unprofessional and they will lie to you and go against your Dr. Date
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2 reviews
December 13, 2022
Awesome experience with a new roof and gutters! Matt was punctual and considerate of my time. Contacting Matt with questions or concerns was easy. He was polite, honest, and upfront about all aspects of installation. Matt did thorough checks before, during, and after installation of roof. Roofing crew were efficient. Did a fantastic job cleaning up during and after roof installation. I would highly recommend this company for your roofing needs.
11 reviews
Patricia B.
December 9, 2022
Advantages None Disadvantages Everything Comment Hello, I'm former nurse with an incomplete C 5/6 spinal cord injury. I use a power chair and until recently had been able to live independently in my own home. My father and I lived within fifteen minutes of one another, but he sadly passed from covid in Feb. It was at that time I decided to move closer to my sister in Kentucky. After choosing Wickshire Blankenbaker's I worked with them to coordinate a move. However, I unfortunately had health
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38 reviews
Ariana P.
December 7, 2022
Advantages I got the pleasure to work with Scottie. He was a great salesman and very professional. His communication was amazing and he was genuinely kind. I traveled 2.5 hours to buy a car from them and they did not disappoint. I would recommend giving them a call if you are interested in a vehicle!
December 2, 2022
horrible place. Rent has gone up so much. All other trailer parks are less expensive. I understand paying $500 but $600 is way too much and maintenance never fixes nothing. Also you wait like 3 months to move in after you get approved.
11 reviews
Shelia H.
November 26, 2022
Disadvantages Seem like very nice people until something goes wrong. These people are not honest. My husband’s tombstone came In in May 2022. The date of death was Oct 22, 2021. The date on the tombstone is Oct 22, 2022. That was a future date at that time. I admit I looked at the email they sent me and I missed it. I have cataracts and I have not been seeing well. I called Mrs Lambert and she snarled “”What did that paper say I gave you? Call my husband. “ I called him and he said they
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Gary P.
November 14, 2022
Advantages Since Professional Property Solutions Management took over at my complex they have done much-needed repairs professionally and efficiently. My townhouse was in a terrible and dangerous condition from neglect by the former owner. PPSM is in the process of redoing the entire ground floor. They also replaced all the appliances and engaged in a major landscaping upgrade. The staff is friendly and responsive and the maintenance team is outstanding. I will be with them for a long time. Comment They
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68 reviews
James L.
November 10, 2022
Advantages Great show, with great actors, lots of space, and great scenes, half outside, half inside. Disadvantages Very long, the longest haunt was ever. Comment this place is an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10,
74 reviews
Angela R.
November 8, 2022
Advantages Asked about ad and the woman at the register screamed at me that wasn’t the right ad! Very rude! Date of services rendered 11/07/22 Specialist description Register person
18 reviews
October 30, 2022
Advantages I just got my slide back and the workmanship is absolutely perfect! My H&K P30sks looks like it was born with a Holosun 407K on it. Call H&K and they'll tell you that what SAS Tactical Customs hath wrought to my pistol can't be done! Fantastic price for this level of work, also! Disadvantages I'm thinking the COVID baloney, Kentucky tornadoes and 100 year floods can occasionally cramp your production style. It took Scott longer than his published TAT to complete my job. Waiting
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Doug J.
October 27, 2022
I am really impressed with the quality work that Chris Estes and his guys did. He did 2 storm doors and a big sliding patio door install and it turned out better than I had imagined. They were very professional, friendly and courteous and and did a fantastic job. And they were very reasonably priced. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone.
1 review
October 24, 2022
During the time I've been a patient with Athena Health and Wellness, I have received incorrect prescriptions at the pharmacy based on what the office called in, I have had urine samples lost, I have not been treated in a timely manner, I have been charged unfairly for testing that was not completed by interpreting results for my use, and moreover, my complaints have not been addressed. I would never recommend this practice to anyone I wanted to see cared for well, which is everyone.
16 reviews
Tim h.
October 19, 2022
Advantages Well I’ve known about woodies for as long as I could remember my family was always using them because they was the only one around unless u wanted to drive 8 or more miles . Not only that, they’re just down home feeling ,and hospitality is what it takes to run a liquor store for years . And keeping customers and growing them every day I’m sure I’ll never need a different one because they are and always going to be my pick. I promise you will love it as I do and one of the best things
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31 reviews
William M.
October 19, 2022
Advantages I come in there quite often for vapes there always good the staff is great I would like to work there if you are hiring 606-670-1720 Disadvantages Nothing. Service is amazing
49 reviews
October 13, 2022
Advantages Both my husband & I are older and not so adapt at window screens. Although our job was a small one Brandow Sowders was more than helpful and polite and helped us with our small job. It's nice to know that this company will even do a small job& do it extremely well. We would not hesitate to refer them to others.
21 reviews
Chris R.
October 13, 2022
Advantages They did a really good job when supervised, no complaints if you are supervising. Disadvantages Pricey, they overcharged me for a variflow pump valve. I found the part for 250-300 on several websites, however I like giving local’s my business and will pay extra for convenience and to just generally ensure Mom and Pop stores stay in business. However, they charged me 450 for a 250 dollar part and then snuck in a installation charge. Very very sneaky business ethics and practices! Comment If
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12 reviews
Don W.
October 10, 2022
Advantages very friendly and experienced. service was outstanding. price very reasonable. Disadvantages n/a Comment this service is hard to find anymore !! keep it up guys THANKS AGAIN
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