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June 29, 2021, 3:32 am
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Part II. Fast forward and I noticed that her daughter was doing hair and established her own clientele and portfolio. I was super proud of her and couldn't wait to have her hands in my hair again! I booked an appointment for a wash and passion twists. I asked if hair was included because I didn't see that on the website (apparently, they both get annoyed if you pose questions to them even if the information isn't on their website). She said it wasn't but if I wanted the hair included, I would need to send $25 for the hair and her pick-up fee. I sent that along with the $50 deposit. Given my experience with the mother, I texted Sym the day before to confirm that we were still on for 2 pm, that the hair was bought, and that I was also confirming my wash. She said we were all set but I should arrive at least 1/2 hour early so the washer could wash my hair. This was my first time hearing of a washer but I said okay.

I arrived at 1:19 pm ET for my appointment. The washer, T, said she would be right with me. She started at 1:30 and that was one amazing wash experience. It felt great! To my surprise, after blow drying my hair, I was told that I had to pay for her service which is different from Sym's. She said I owed her $40. I was in shock because Sym never mentioned a separate fee (I wouldn't mind but $40 seemed pretty steep, given I would be paying over $200 for Sym's service. I wouldn't mind the $40 if I had some forewarning :(). I also overheard Shavonne while bickering with someone on the phone earlier that they were lucky she allowed T to only charge $20 for a wash for that person because the real price was $30. I paid but I felt a tad uneasy. Sym arrived at 2:49 pm ET for our 2 pm ET appointment, mumbled something under her breath and headed to the sink area. Five minutes later she came over to say hello and started to part my hair. She said the back row of my hair wasn’t 4 inches. I said okay, so what should we do? She said that’s a personal decision. I was confused and asked if I had options. She said some people shave that back row off if it isn’t the four inches. I said okay we can do that. She then parted my hair and told me that around the perimeter of my hair, it seemed thinner than the rest of my hair. I said okay, so what does that mean? She said that means I can’t do your hair. I was confused. I have a full head of hair. If we can’t do the passion twists, there must be a style we can do. I asked if knotless or a ponytail was an option. She said her fingers weren’t touching my hair. If you are a hairdresser, I’m not sure why we weren’t discussing low tension hairstyles if there was truly a belief that my hair was “untouchable”. She refused to do anything and refused to give me my $75 deposit. I asked why and was told they don’t refund deposits. She knew I drove down from Albany to get my hair done. I was in shock. I asked if I couldn’t get a refund because the hair couldn’t be returned. She said no, she could exchange the hair. I said okay, so what’s the problem? She said that she paid $49 for the hair. I said you told me that would be $25 and that included your pick up fee. She said no, $25 is for the wash. “Interesting”, I said because we all know I was charged $40. She said oh well, she doesn’t know the washer’s price. So, I said okay, if I paid for that, why can I not get my refund. After 15 minutes of making a case for my refund, I was refunded $31. I said if I couldn’t get the rest of my refund, could I have my hair that was purchased. She said no and that I wasn’t listening. After another line of questioning from me, I was refunded an additional $30. It’s not the $75 but I just took it. Embarrassed, I went back on the train with a dry Afro (you can’t put oils on your hair when doing passion twists) and they were perfectly fine with me walking out like that. Both mother and daughter blocked me on social media and the professionals that they are, they went on to talk about me on their IG pages and stories. Yes, business women.

Book these folks at your own risk. I was told HAUS stands for Humble and Under the Submission of God. I’m sorry but these ambassadors of the lord must do better. Honor people’s time. Honor your commitments. Treat your business as if it’s a business.
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