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NYC Sports Massage and Fitness — On Your Mark

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Reviews about NYC Sports Massage and Fitness - On Your Mark

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  • Mark is a spectacular massage therapist. As an athlete, Mark has completely changed the game when it comes to my recovery and injury prevention protocols. His work not only keeps me going through strenuous acute training periods, but also throughout the season. I cannot express how many times I’ve come to Mark barely able to walk and left with what feels like a new set of legs! I highly recommend Mark for sports massage/deep tissue, active release, stretching techniques, and pretty much everyt – show
  • Mark is the best! As a college athlete, the therapy he provides helps me stay healthy throughout my long season. I always feel my best after every session. But you don’t have to be a serious athlete to work with him. He is always very friendly and professional, and his mid town location is quiet and pleasant spot
  • Mark is professional, friendly, and might be a miracle worker! He was recommended to me by a friend after I injured my back. Mark was able to get me back on track and return to exercising like normal! Now I see him for maintenance and whenever I tweak my back or neck, and he always follows up to see how I’m feeling after appointments. Would recommend Mark to anyone and everyone!
  • Excellent! Mark is an incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and fun professional to work with of the highest caliber. He’s helped me enormously with chronic low back pain that I’ve had for many years due to surgeries. Of the dozens of providers I’ve been to, Mark stands out as one of the best.
  • Was referred to him by a friend.
    Mark is a miracle worker Went in with nagging hip pain from exercise.
    First session walked out 50% better.
    Over the next 2 weeks with weekly sessions was better by 90%
    He explained what was strained and how to stretch, heal and release it.
    Strongly recommend.
  • I found Mark about 9 months ago when I was having chronic leg pain and could not run more than 3 miles. Major problem when you're training for an ultra marathon! He worked with me to pinpoint the problem and correct it. I felt relief immediately, and continued to work with him to make sure this problem would not come back in the future. For the past several months, I have been running high mileage, pain free, and I owe it all to Mark.

    I am moving out of the city, but am planning to drive back i
    – show
    • Thanks!! I’m so glad you are able to train hard again! That’s what we strive to do.
  • Mark is fantastic! Reaching out to a new provider in the middle of a pandemic can be fraught with safety concerns, but Mark put all of those at ease immediately. He met with me virtually first to assess my treatment goals, tailored each in-person session to work cohesively with physical therapy, and my pain decreased with each session. Highly recommend!
  • Mark’s impeccable knowledge/expertise always yields less pain and better range of motion after a session.

    My body awareness and trigger point management under Mark’s tutelage has been a game changer to my athletic performance (weight training, golf and skiing). If you put high physical demands on your body then On your Mark is the place for you.
  • Great ART and Deep Tissue treatments!
    I have been coming to Mark for about 1 1/2 years and he is really talented. He has helped me with shoulder issues related to frequent travel, desk job, lifestyle/poor posture, etc. He truly cares about his clients and is knowledgeable about the body and fitness, including giving me recommendations for exercices to do at home.
    I have recently started adding deep tissue to my monthly routine and Krystal is awesome! She focuses on the areas where I need h
    – show
  • Saw Krystal for my shoulder/neck/upper back and she was wonderful. Very professional and knowledgable and bonus- she is fun to talk to. I would highly recommend an appointment with her!
    • Thank you so much for your review! Krystal truly enjoyed working with you.
  • I'm pretty active (box, lift) and so when I got a shoulder injury last year it was pretty upsetting. After one session with Mark, I got so much better and learned some pointers to keep my shoulder from re-injury. I've gone for one tune-up session since then with Mark and the second time was also very helpful. Highly recommend Mark!!
    • Thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful review. It’s a pleasure working with you always!
  • Love this place! Inexpensive and I'm usually able to walk-in without an appointment on a weeknight. Must be comfortable with deep tissue.
  • Mark is a guru/master in the craft. Not only does he relieve the symptoms and the pain, he takes the time to investigate the root causes of the symptoms and helps you learn new habits to live a pain free life. Mark is always exceeding expectations.
  • This place is, by far, the best in San Francisco.

    The smoky smell of incense reminds me of my mother and my childhood home(s) which is relaxing and peaceful. You almost forget that you are in a garage. The massage is excellent, you couldn't get a better massage even if you were in Bangkok.

    I would go every day of the week if I had the time!
    • Hi there — we are based in NYC so you are reviewing the wrong business. Would you please take this review down? Thank you.
  • Just finished a session with Mark. His treatment is unbelievable. You feel relief immediately. Before my treatment I was having pain in both of my legs after running a half marathon three weeks ago. Now I feel like I can run a marathon. He is truly the best therapist out there.
    • Thanks Adam! Glad you've been feeling better since the most recent session.
  • Wow! Wow! & Wow!!
    I can't believe it took me 4 years to find this kind of person who knew exactly how to hit my neck, trap and scapula area the way Krystal did. She is through and through legit and extremely knowledgeable with the body-
    I recommend her to anyone and everyone who suffers from neck and upper back area severely like I do. I instantly felt brand new when I got off the table.
    Krystal is The Real Deal!
  • I came for some relief of my neck and back pain that I have had for years. Krystal is amazing, she knows the anatomy and where the pain was. I feel 100% better. I would recommend her over any chiropractor or physical therapist anyday. She also gave me some techniques of things to do at home for some relief! 5 Stars
    • Thank you for your feedback! We look forward to seeing you again soon.
  • Came here with a hip flexor issue & within 3 weeks seeing Krystal twice/week, I was back to normal squatting & walking without pain. You won't regret coming here. This business makes it their top priority to take care of you.
    • Thank you, Abel, for the positive remarks and for taking the time to write this review. Swe lok forward to seeing you for your next session.You know where to find us.
  • Mark is definitely a miracle healer. Chronic pain has been a silent struggle for the past two years. He is really kind and understanding. Mark is very knowledgeable about the human anatomy and pays close attention to detail during therapy sessions. I've had several visits and I have made tremendous progress in my bodily movements. Will continue with treatment and eventually start personal training with him soon. Highly recommend!!!
    • Thanks Harmon! Always a pleasure to work with you and we will continue to make progress I am sure.
  • Unbelievable! Got my shoulder working again.
    • Thanks Justin! Krystal and I truly enjoy working with you and we are both very please with your tremendous progress.
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