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Manicure — Myrtle Avenue

Manicure — Myrtle Avenue

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    • Local Honey

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      79 reviews
      16 Wilson Ave, New York City
      I went to get a regular pedí, when I tell you I had the most gentle experience there I'm not lying!! I liked not only how calm the space was, but the great treatment offered by the employeeshappy costumer!!! I wanted to do acrylic on my toes and…
    • Lisa H Nail Salon Inc

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      20 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11221, 1118 Broadway, New York City
      You can do it all here and it comes out great every time. Mani, Pedi, Eyebrows, you name it. I’d come from wherever in NYC to do my nails or eyebrows here. I have a complicated arch in my eyebrow and Andy is the only one who can get them perfectly…
    • Wild Oleander

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      44 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11206, 222 Varet St, New York City
      Beautiful nail art!!! I loved working with them and the process, attention to detail and the care was splendid..
    • Long Top Nail

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      36 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11206, 851 Broadway, New York City
      The lady that did my feet did amazing. I'm a chef so yea, now my feet feel brand new!
    • Tang Nail Salon

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      11 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11221, New York City
      Great basic manicure at low price. Tech was careful and meticulous and checked with me at each stage. Hot towel nice touch. Very basic salon. Happy with my $7 manicure.
    • Faby’s Nails Salon

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      10 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11221, 214 Central Ave, New York City
      I like this place. I tried other salon around the area but I think this place is nice so far. Decent price and clean. I recommend
    • New York Secret Nails Inc

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      49 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11206, 676 Broadway, New York City
      What can I say about this place!?1st time I went I was having contractions but I had to do my nails before giving birth, they were very nice and professional.
      Today I went because I felt nostalgic, and I loved it, got my pedi and mani, Giselle…
    • Blink Nails

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      44 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11206, 699 Broadway, New York City
      Man was horrible at doing nails, put the nails on crooked, didn’t even clean them before or prep.. 1 star because he gave good customer service
    • Color Nail & Beauty Salon Inc

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      60 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11206, 674 Broadway, New York City
      Manicure already chipping and I just came here 3 days ago. The owner (one who doesn't wear a mask) nicked my daughter's finger right above the nail smh. Overpriced and bad quality. Will not return.
    • Envy Nails

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      4 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11206, 70 Graham Ave, New York City
      I never write bad reviews unless they're absolutely necessary & im sorry but this place is a BIG flop. Came with my friend yesterday to get her nails done (came for company & the place only has Hispanic women working, i speak Spanish my friend…
    • Finger Home Nail Inc.

      Beauty and spa Manicure
      13 reviews
      Brooklyn, NY 11206, 751 Flushing Ave, New York City
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