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Dumpling places in New York City

Dumpling places in New York City

58 places
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    • AweSum DimSum

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      22 reviews
      5 minutes 28th Street (Lexington Avenue Line) New York, NY 10010, 160 E 23rd St, New York City
      I came here on a Sunday afternoon with a group of 3 people. We ordered the Dim Sum Combo A and an order of the steamed dragon roll. The place seemed to be very modern where you can order on the iPad kiosks and then wait for your order. You do get…
    • Beijing Dumpling House

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      108 reviews
      2 minutes Sutphin Boulevard Queens, NY 11435, 88-38 Sutphin Blvd, New York City
      Can't beat the pork and cabbage dumplings for the price and the taste is goooood. Fresh too
    • Vanessa's Dumpling House

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      131 reviews
      2 minutes Grand Street (Sixth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10002, 118A Eldridge St, New York City
      Any time a day in any condition one might be. This place will take Care of you. Never visit NY without a visit here
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    • Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      125 reviews
      10 minutes Fort Hamilton Parkway (West End Line) Brooklyn, NY 11220, 4801 8th Ave, New York City
    • East Wind Snack Shop

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      45 reviews
      1 minute 15th Street–Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY 11215, 471 16th St, New York City
      Perfect. This is as close as it gets to the baos and dumplings I used to eat in Hong Kong. The pork belly bao is perfectly seasoned, tender, and juicy.

      The dim sums are super flavorful, fresh and juicy. Really! If you bite into one, it's an…
    • Stick To My Pot

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      129 reviews
      2 minutes 34th Street–Penn Station (Eighth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10001, 224 W 35th St, New York City
      One of the finest potsticker wrappers I've ever had. Their meat potstickers are definitely much tastier than their vegetarian potstickers, which were a bit bland in flavor (though I truly appreciated that they offered a veggie version!). The…
    • Silky Kitchen

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      20 reviews
      2 minutes 14th Street–Union Square (Lexington Avenue Line) New York, NY 10003, 137 E 13th St, New York City
      They offer very tasty noodles. While prices are a bit high it is very delicious. I had the pork feet noodle and I loved it including the spices. I would recommend this place
    • Oh Dumplings

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      15 reviews
      7 minutes Borough Hall (Eastern Parkway Line) Brooklyn, NY 11201, 6 Bergen St, New York City
      I ordered the rainbow dumplings and went with beef and shrimp as a mix and had them fried. The dumpling fillings were tasty but I did find the skins to be slightly thicker than I prefer.

      They had two small tables outside so we ate al fresco.
    • Shanghai You Garden 上海豫园

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      139 reviews
      1 minute Flushing–Main Street Queens, NY 11354, 135-33 40th Rd, New York City
      Amazing food and great staff!
      We had the pleasure to meet Alan who is extremely friendly, attentive and helpful.
      All dishes we ordered were fantastic.
      We had lucky dumplings, the spicy wontons in oil, the pan fried udon noodles, some veggie…
    • Cocoron

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      10 reviews
      2 minutes Spring Street (Lexington Avenue Line) New York, NY 10012, 29 Kenmare St, New York City
      Loved Goemon. They have great selection of items with reasonable prices for what u get. Every thing I've tried thus far is wonderful. Staff are extremely pleasant. They're accommodating, polite and always on their game. I almost hate to give 5…
    • Excellent Dumpling House

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      183 reviews
      1 minute 23rd Street (63rd Street Line) New York, NY 10011, 165 W 23rd St, New York City
      Loved their food! Fresh, tasty, and their rice did not taste like plastic. Prompt service. No contact. Delicious!
    • Joe's Home of Soup Dumplings

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      11 reviews
      4 minutes Fifth Avenue/53rd Street New York, NY 10017, 7 E 48th St, New York City
      great for a quick business lunch. crab & shrimp soup dumplings!
    • 乔江南 Long King House

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      11 reviews
      45 minutes Flushing–Main Street Queens, NY 11356, 15-26 College Point Blvd, New York City
      Second time I ordered which is expensive to be delivered far away I spend $46.71 and they put pork in the rice the first time

      Called at 3:49 pm on January 26,2021 and she says I told the chef it's not there I checked I said I'm a chef and I'm…
    • 3 Times

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      83 reviews
      3 minutes Essex Street New York, NY 10002, 90 Clinton St, New York City
      Workable items for vegetarians.
    • Tri Dim Shanghai West

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      21 reviews
      6 minutes 86th Street (Eighth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10024, 467 Columbus Ave, New York City
      Beautifully decorated
      Attentive wait staff
      Delicious food
      Comfortable seating indoors
      A tad bit pricey
    • Beijing Dumpling

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      79 reviews
      4 minutes Kew Gardens–Union Turnpike Queens, NY 11375, 116-14A Queens Blvd, New York City
      I had the seasame pancake sandwich with Peking duck and it was not bad. The crispiness of the bread, the aroma of the seasame and the sauces on the duck were amazing and on point. Not many Chinese fast foods have this item. This is certainly a…
    • Tri Dim Shanghai Restaurant and Bar 鼎豐

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      75 reviews
      3 minutes 77th Street (Lexington Avenue Line) New York, NY 10075, 1378 3rd Ave, New York City
      Delicious chinese food overall but the pecking duck was the best.
    • Tasty Dumpling

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      16 reviews
      3 minutes Canal Street (Nassau Street Line) New York, NY 10013, 42 Mulberry St, New York City
      I've only had the pork and chive dumplings here, but had them many times. They are simply perfect, especially when they're cooked long enough to get a nice crust on the bottom.
    • Lhasa

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      64 reviews
      4 minutes Third Avenue New York, NY 10003, 177 1st Avenue, New York City
      Really yummy! For appetizers, we got orders of the shoko khatsa (spicy potato), lhasa combo momo (veg and non-veg dumplings) and gyuma (Tibetan style pan fried sausage). For entrees, we had the Thenthuk (Tibetan style flat noodle dish) and the…
    • Tian Jin Dumpling House

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      13 reviews
      2 minutes Flushing–Main Street Queens, NY 11354, 41-41 Kissena Blvd #101, New York City
      ordered the pan-fried-flat-bun in 5 different flavors:
      pork, beef, lamb, chive n egg, red bean paste.
      about 12 bucks.

      generally, it is a grab-n-go bun n dumpling shop.

      I like chive n egg, tasty good, savory n not too greasy, however, it over…
    • Ma LaLa Chinese

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      81 reviews
      11 minutes 30th Avenue Astoria, NY 11103, 42-02 30th Ave, New York City
      I told my girl to eat here they loved it
    • Vanessa's Dumpling House

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      69 reviews
      7 minutes Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249, 310 Bedford Ave, New York City
      A pretty cute dumpling spot in Williamsburg, It was quiet enjoyable. I will say that I wasn't blown away by the dumplings.

      Service was chill, not much. I got the sesame pancake with duck and two order of dumplings with my friends. Both super…
    • Lao Ma Spicy

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      73 reviews
      2 minutes Eighth Street–New York University New York, NY 10003, 58 E 8th St, New York City
      Been here twice, once last year and just recently. Perhaps it's because I'm partial to dry hotpot, but both times the food was delicious! The way the restaurant works is you select from a variety of vegetables, meats, and seafoods, then they will…
    • Tim Ho Wan

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      144 reviews
      5 minutes 42nd Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal New York, NY 10036, 610 9th Ave, New York City
      사실 기대도 안했었는데 맛있어서 깜놀했던ㅎㅎ 딤섬은 사랑이죠
    • The Dumplin Cove

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      102 reviews
      17 minutes Gun Hill Road (Dyre Avenue Line) Bronx, NY 10469, 1530 E 222nd St #2619, New York City
      I like this Jamaican restuarant because it has a lot more variety than most that I have visited.
    • Dumpling Town

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      12 reviews
      1 minute Grand Avenue–Newtown Queens, NY 11373, 86-55 Broadway, New York City
      Oh my gosh, behind the KULU signs and KULU decor, there lives hiding a TREASURE! Behold — this is the place.
      With the bustle of uber drivers picking up orders, and those waiting for their take outs — it is an incredible place. Dumplings were made…
    • Merit Kabab

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      14 reviews
      2 minutes 74th Street–Broadway Queens, NY 11372, 37-67 74th Street, New York City
      Epic experience! I walked passed this place looking for a snack. I saw loads of samosa in the window! Looked so good. I went inside it said 2 samosas for 3.99! I got one chicken and one veggie with the green sauce. They are the size of a fist! OO…
    • Dumpling Man NY

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      78 reviews
      7 minutes Third Avenue New York, NY 10009, 100 St Marks Pl, New York City
      Chicken dumplings taste like it's rotten chicken used
    • OZI Dumplings

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      16 reviews
      2 minutes Morgan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206, 19 Bogart St unit 1, New York City
      Stopped in for a quick lunch. The spring rolls were gooey inside.. don't think they fried them long enough. The dumplings were fried which came as a surprise to me.
    • Fried Dumpling

      Restaurants Dumpling restaurant
      113 reviews
      4 minutes Canal Street (Nassau Street Line) New York, NY 10013, 106 Mosco St, New York City
      Great 5$ deal of fried dumplings. Meat is v flavorful
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