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    • CoCo Island Mart

      Shops Food and drinks
      104 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      8 minutes 18th Avenue (West End Line) Brooklyn, NY 11214, 7923 New Utrecht Ave Suite#1000, New York City
      Fast delivery, excellent packing, good customer service. Vast selection of Asian products. It would be great if images consistently show ingredients and nutritional values.

      I have now purchased from CoCo Island Mart several times and service is…
      Butterfly Brand Chinese Green Tea 7.05 Oz (200 g) $6.99
      PEO PO Sweetened Black Coffee Drink 8.12 FL Oz (240 mL) $2.69
      Gold Kili Instant Honey Chrysanthemum Tea 20 Sachets 12.6 Oz (360 g) $6.99
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    • Sal, Kris & Charlie's Deli

      Shops Food and drinks
      218 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      1 minute Astoria–Ditmars Boulevard Queens, NY 11105, 33-12 23rd Ave, New York City
      The sandwiches are huge, I had mine for lunch and dinner! Try the chipotle chicken, and no matter what, add hot peppers!
      Buffalo Chicken/Hero $6.25
      Buffalo Chicken/Roll $5.25
      Oven Gold Turkey/Hero $6.25
      37 more prices
    • Sankyodai Natto

      Shops Food and drinks
      24 reviews
      24 hours a day
      2 minutes Fulton Street (Crosstown Line) Brooklyn, NY 11217, 101 St Felix St, New York City
      Best Nattō in NYC. We love it! Fresh, organic and handmade. Great service.
      Vegan Natto Furikake フリーズドライ三兄弟納豆ふりかけ from $10.75
      Detox Iron Burdock Tea (Hand Made)— 鉄ゴボウ茶 $18.50
      Detox Ginger and Beet Tea (Hand Made) — ビーツ生姜茶 $18.50
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    • Joe's Italian Deli

      Shops Food and drinks
      100 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      18 minutes Fordham Road (Concourse Line) The Bronx, NY 10458, 685 E 187th St, New York City
      El mejor queso y los mejores embutidos....lo máximo 5star
      Spice of Life $10 — $12
      Chicken Alla Jack $10 — $12
      Chicken Alla Prosciutto $10 — $12
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    • Heatonist

      Shops Food and drinks
      125 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      7 minutes Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249, 121 Wythe Ave, New York City
      Really good customer service. Super nice, clear, and helpful in fixing a shipping mistake that was totally my fault.
      Bravado Spice Co | Aka Miso Hot Sauce $14
      Fiji Fire | Native Bongo Chili Hot Sauce $12
      Bravado Spice Co | Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce $10
      87 more prices
    • Bigoi Venezia

      Shops Food and drinks
      2 reviews
      Open until 10PM
      3 minutes 72nd Street (Second Avenue Line) New York, NY 10021, 1415 2nd Ave, New York City
      My first time eating here thanks to Mealpal.Got the Bolognese which was a surprisingly large portion for lunch & absolutely delicious!Very pleasantly surprised with this place all around.Will be back!
      Can Of Soda $1.75
      Ragu Di Manzo $14.75
      Filetti Di Prosciutto Al Chardonnay $14.75
      10 more prices
    • Casa Della Mozzarella

      Shops Food and drinks
      139 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      15 minutes Fordham Road (Concourse Line) The Bronx, NY 10458, 604 E 187th St, New York City
      As Tony the Tiger would say, they're grrreat! The mozzarella alone is worth the trip. Time hack…call your order in,when you arrive, just walk up to register to pick up and pay. Enjoy!
      Siciliana/Ciabatta $8.50
      Ii Vegetariano/Ciabatta $8.50
      Ii Classico/Ciabatta $5.50
      14 more prices
    • Maestro Pasta

      Shops Food and drinks
      111 reviews
      Open until 8PM
      4 minutes World Trade Center New York, NY 10038, 45 John St, New York City
      It is a very nice looking store in the downtown. The overall setup of the store was really attractive and here you can see their whole pasta making process

      I must say this is the most freshly made pasta I have had in New York City. Plus their…
      Canned Soda $2.50
      Sicilian Veggies $4.90
      San Benedetto Still Water $2
      17 more prices
    • Sahadi's

      Shops Food and drinks
      117 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      4 minutes Borough Hall (Eastern Parkway Line) Brooklyn, NY 11201, 187 Atlantic Ave, New York City
      Delivery absolutely not worth it, or maybe I chose the wrong platter for delivery. I ordered a small mezze plate for delivery to a potluck (about $100 inc taxes). Wrinkled grape tomatoes, soft radishes, so visually the platter disappoints…
      House Blend Coffee $9.50
      Organic Blend Coffee $13.25
      House Blend Decaffeinated Coffee $10.95
      13 more prices
    • Lioni Italian Heroes

      Shops Food and drinks
      118 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      8 minutes 71st Street Brooklyn, NY 11228, 7803 15th Ave, New York City
      Gatorade $2.99
      Pepsi (2 Liter) $4
      Ginger Ale (2 Liter) $4
      244 more prices
    • Brancaccio's Food Shop

      Shops Food and drinks
      90 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      4 minutes Fort Hamilton Parkway (Culver Line) Brooklyn, NY 11218, 3011 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, New York City
      A destination and a shrine. Food and art work. Family owned and in the heart of Brooklyn.
      Caponata, Broccoli Rabe & Fresh Ricotta $9
      Chicken Cutlet, Broccoli Rabe, Ciambotta, Ricotta Salata $9
      Prosciutto, Mozzarella W/Oven Roasted Tomatoes $9
      6 more prices
    • Paisanos Butcher Shop

      Shops Food and drinks
      143 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      7 minutes Hoyt—Schermerhorn Streets Brooklyn, NY 11201, 162 Smith St, New York City
      Best butcher in Brooklyn! Dry aged, Waygu, oh boy!
      San Benedetto Peach Iced Tea 1.5ltr $2.99
      Mediterranean Orzo Salad $2.49
      San Benedetto Iced Green Tea 1.5ltr $2.99
      500 more prices
    • Best Bagel & Coffee

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      135 reviews
      Open until 3PM
      3 minutes 34th Street–Penn Station (Eighth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10001, 225 W 35th St A, New York City
      블루베리 베이글 + 블루베리 크림치즈/햄치즈에그 + 에브리띵베이글로 주문했습니다 계산 줄 이전에 주문하는 줄이 따로 있으니 잘 보고 주문하시면 됩니다 저는 에싸와 브루클린 베이글보다는 베스트베이글이 더 제 취향이었습니다 너무 무겁지 않고 적당해서 맛있게 먹을 수 있는 느낌(?)이었어요 크림치즈를 에싸보다는 적게 넣어주셔서 살짝 아쉬웠지만.. 재방문할 것 같습니다!
      Yogurt Parfait/Honey $1
      Yogurt Parfait/Blueberry $1
      Yogurt Parfait/Strawberry $0.50
      10 more prices
    • Pig Pig Cafe

      Shops Food and drinks
      87 reviews
      3 minutes Bay Ridge Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209, 7115 3rd Ave, New York City
      Super cute place. Great boba. Very friendly staff. Gift shop with Asian treats. Can't wait to come back!
      Lemon Green Tea $4.25
      Milk Tea $4.50
      Kumquat and Lemon Tea Green Tea/Medium 16oz $4.25
      13 more prices
    • Smoove Ice Cream

      Shops Food and drinks
      72 reviews
      Open until 11PM
      1 minute Grand Street (Sixth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10002, 279 Grand St, New York City
      Good boba spot. Had the Ube boba and I can recommend it. Still don’t rly love the balls, feels like weird juggling those in my mouth
      Birthday Cake (Customization) $50.95
      Cookies & Cream (Signature) $25.95
      Chocolate Oreo (Signature) $25.95
      12 more prices
    • Despaña

      Shops Food and drinks
      131 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      1 minute Spring Street (Lexington Avenue Line) New York, NY 10013, 408 Broome St, New York City
      Kas Soda $2.50
      Bacalao Croquetas (3 Pieces) $10.50
      Tortilla Despana $4.25
      33 more prices
    • JoJu

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      107 reviews
      Open until 8PM
      3 minutes Elmhurst Avenue Queens, NY 11373, 83-25 Broadway, New York City
      Good food but sometimes is a let down
      Black Sesame Milk Tea $3
      Mango Milk Tea $3
      Strawberry Ginger Mojito $4.50
      81 more prices
    • Utopia Bagels

      Shops Food and drinks
      123 reviews
      Open until 5PM
      57 minutes Flushing–Main Street Queens, NY 11357, 1909 Utopia Pkwy, New York City
      Great bagels and terrible counter service, 6:15 AM I was the only one there waiting, one would think an employee would say good morning or may I help you, nope didn't happen. I asked one worker standing near the oven for help and his reply was ” I…
      Hot Coffee $2
      Gluten Free Bagel $2.75
      Iced Coffee $2.50
      213 more prices
    • It's Nola

      Shops Food and drinks
      73 reviews
      24 hours a day
      4 minutes Beverley Road Brooklyn, NY 11226, 228 E 19th St, Head Quarters, New York City
      Delicious treats without being overly sweet. The Cranberry coconut is a hit and the Sassy mango is an unique flavor combination that works surprisingly well. They provide amazing customer service, as well. The owner, Margaret, recently went above…
      Dark Decadent Chewy Chocolate (Sold Seasonally: Sept. — May) $4.99
      Luscious Cranberry Coconut $4.99
      Luscious Cranberry Coconut Six Pack $24.99
      2 more prices
    • Absolute Bagels

      Shops Food and drinks
      218 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      1 minute Cathedral Parkway–110th Street (Broadway — Seventh Avenue Line) New York, NY 10025, 2788 Broadway, New York City
      The best bagels. Don’t need to toast them. Try the egg bagel with garlic and chive cream cheese with a Thai iced tea. Cash only.
      Plain $1
      Boiled Ham $4.95
      Chicken $4.95
      26 more prices
    • The Pickle Guys

      Shops Food and drinks
      197 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      2 minutes Delancey Street New York, NY 10002, 357 Grand St, New York City
      If you ever loved a pickle — this is fire!!!
      Kalamata Olives $61
      Sweet Chili Peppers $69
      Garlic Stuffed Olives $69
      18 more prices
    • Baker’s Dozen Bagels

      Shops Food and drinks
      99 reviews
      Open until 3PM
      6 minutes Fresh Pond Road Queens, NY 11385, 66-08 Fresh Pond Rd, New York City
      Tofu $3.67
      Sandwich On Flat Hero $1
      Sandwich On Croissant $1.35
      16 more prices
    • Boba Le Tea Cafe

      Shops Food and drinks
      73 reviews
      Open until 9:30PM
      Staten Island, NY 10302, 1396 B Forest Avenue Right behind Cricket Wireless, New York City
      Excellent bubble teas. Good service. Reasonable prices.
      Mango Tea $4
      Jumbo Fruit Le Tea $4.75
      Four Season Oolong Tea $4.50
      9 more prices
    • Mr. Buncha

      Shops Food and drinks
      53 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      1 minute 40th Street–Lowery Street Queens, NY 11104, 4509 40th St, New York City
      Very accommodating to allergies. The portions are great and the food tastes amazing.
      Lychee Black Tea $6
      Winter Melon Black Tea $6
      Buncha Milk Tea $6.75
      81 more prices
    • Blackstone Coffee Roaster

      Shops Food and drinks
      112 reviews
      Open until 5PM
      4 minutes Christopher Street–Sheridan Square New York, NY 10014, 502 Hudson St, New York City
      Really nice small mainly take away spot with a bunch of food and drink options. What really takes it a step above are the employees. They're super personable and can tell they take the business personally. Regulars seem to come here too. Coffee…
      Honest Tea (16.9 Oz Bottle) $2.95
      Hershey's Milkshake (12 Oz Bottle) $2.75
      Arteasan Tea (14 Oz Bottle) $2.95
      226 more prices
    • Forma Pasta Factory

      Shops Food and drinks
      151 reviews
      Open until 10PM
      1 minute Nassau Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222, 14 Bedford Ave, New York City
      Nice place to go! The pasta is really good and fresh, and not pricey at all
      Anchovy Paste $3.50
      Pipette Ragu $13
      Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil $22
      35 more prices
    • To The World Farm

      Shops Food and drinks
      70 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      5 minutes Lorimer Street (Canarsie Line) Brooklyn, NY 11211, 655 Grand St #4854, New York City
      Maria and family wonderful people. Veggies and fruits are clean and prices are reasonable
      Cilantro Kimchi, Homemade, Vegan $2.99
      Cilantro $1.49
      Red Thai Chili $0.25
      82 more prices
    • Court Street Grocers

      Shops Food and drinks
      178 reviews
      Open until 5PM
      6 minutes Carroll Street Brooklyn, NY 11231, 485 Court St, New York City
      Clean turkey is my fave!A bit pricey but........Yum!Delish!
      Utz Cheddar Sour Cream $2.29
      Dr. Brown's Root Beer $2.50
      Oatmeal #1 $7
      47 more prices
    • Hawa Smoothies and Bubble Tea

      Shops Food and drinks
      43 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      5 minutes First Avenue New York, NY 10009, 422 E 14th St, New York City
      Passion Fruit Green Tea $5.99
      Lychee Green Tea $5.99
      Peach Green Tea $5.99
      86 more prices
    • Varenyk House

      Shops Food and drinks
      46 reviews
      Open until 6:30PM
      1 minute Fresh Pond Road Queens, NY 11385, 67-14 Fresh Pond Rd, New York City
      Fantastic selection of eastern European foods. Very friendly and informative staff as well. I've been coming by ever since they opened, but now that I moved a few blocks away, I'll be coming here more often.
      Olivier Salad $4
      Greek Style Fish $10
      Zapikanka $12
      13 more prices
    Average company rating - 4.8 based on 3,259 reviews and 11,035 ratings