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    • 5
      7 minutes 125th Street (Eighth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10027, 414 W 121st St, New York City
      124 Andrea is really onto something here…The flavor notes of her chocolates are memorable, the varieties accessable and relevant, the packaging is prpofessional, overall quality and of course personal attention and care around her craft deserves…
    • 5
      2 minutes Fulton Street (Crosstown Line) Brooklyn, NY 11217, 101 St Felix St, New York City
      24 Best Nattō in NYC. We love it! Fresh, organic and handmade. Great service.
    • 4.8
      1 minute Spring Street (Lexington Avenue Line) New York, NY 10012, 178 Mulberry St, New York City
      132 Absolutely delicious gelato and sorbet. They offer a ton of great flavors
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    • 4.7
      2 minutes Delancey Street New York, NY 10002, 379 Grand St, New York City
    • 4.8
      1 minute Grand Street (Sixth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10002, 279 Grand St, New York City
      72 Good boba spot. Had the Ube boba and I can recommend it. Still don’t rly love the balls, feels like weird juggling those in my mouth
    • 4.7
      1 minute Spring Street (Lexington Avenue Line) New York, NY 10013, 408 Broome St, New York City
    • 4.9
      1 minute 18th Street (Broadway — Seventh Avenue Line) 155 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011, New York City
      115 This is the spot! Add frosting to your cookie!
    • 4.8
      6 minutes Fresh Pond Road Queens, NY 11385, 66-08 Fresh Pond Rd, New York City
    • 4.7
      6 minutes Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211, 568 Union Ave, New York City
      99 The staff man was super rude so will never visit again
    • 4.7
      3 minutes 14th Street (Sixth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10003, 18 E 16th St, New York City
      106 A delicious bakery. Highly recommend the almond croissant and the hot chocolate!
    • 4.8
      5 minutes Lorimer Street (Canarsie Line) Brooklyn, NY 11211, 655 Grand St #4854, New York City
      70 Maria and family wonderful people. Veggies and fruits are clean and prices are reasonable
    • 4.7
      1 minute 57th Street New York, NY 10019, 62 W 56th St, New York City
      274 I think name is a little misleading. It’s not beyond sushi. It is sushi but it’s not really sushi. It’s something else but it’s not beyond. I’d say it’s beneath sushi.
    • 4.8
      4 minutes Third Avenue New York, NY 10003, 319 E 9th St, New York City
      61 Best Meat! I always get fresh meat, no bad smell ever.. Little pricey but it’s worth it
    • 4.8
      4 minutes Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222, 160 Huron St, New York City
      58 Finally made it over here and it did not disappoint! Meatball sub was delicious. Great spot to stock up a charcuterie board too.
    • 4.7
      1 minute 23rd Street (63rd Street Line) New York, NY 10011, 180 7th Ave, New York City
      159 An NYC favorite cheap pasta spot, get garlic knots too! Good pizza as well and open late on weekdays, portions are also good.
    • 4.7
      2 minutes Times Square–42nd Street (Broadway Line) New York, NY 10018, 134 W 37th St, New York City
      75 …so patty not that fresh and popping like sushis should be. Tastes more like a groceries sushi. 2/10 for the food. 0/10 for the service.
    • 4.6
      1 minute 116th Street (Eighth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10026, 235 W 116th St, New York City
      98 …to me, is about as good as you can get. BO's bagels taste fresh and quality, are seasoned well, and they have all the fixings (e.g. continuum of…
      Baker's Dozen | Bagels $24
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    • 4.6
      6 minutes Third Avenue New York, NY 10003, 137 1st Ave, New York City
      138 Amazing icecream, staff was very kind and attentive.
    • 4.7
      1 minute 51st Street New York, NY 10017, 145 E 49th St, New York City
      111 The service was great. I like the pizza. However, I personally was not a fan of the lasagna.
    • 4.7
      2 minutes Seventh Avenue (Culver Line) Brooklyn, NY 11215, 803 8th Ave, New York City
      126 Scrumptuous inventive dishes from appetizer to hand-made pastas to dessert, in well-spaced, heated and decorative outdoor setting!
      1 pound of spaghetti + 1 container of meatball sauce with 8 meatballs + homemade ricotta + louise's caesar salad + homem... $38
      1 pound of bicycle pasta + 1 container of cheesy mac sauce + homemade breadcrumbs + a box of fudgy brownies $30
      1 pound of lumache pasta + 1 container of Dad's famous Roasted Red Pepper Sauce + crispy, spicy prosciutto + homemade fo... $35
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    • 4.8
      12 minutes 63rd Drive–Rego Park Queens, NY 11374, 63-06 Woodhaven Blvd, New York City
      34 Is a wonderful place and they have very good quality meat.
    • 4.8
      6 minutes 82nd Street–Jackson Heights Jackson Heights, NY 11372, 79-07 37th Ave, New York City
      49 It is wonderful to have a serious cheese store in Jackson Heights. There is a large assortment of cheese and the owner welcomes suggestions....
    • 5
      1 minute Grand Central (42nd Street Shuttle) New York, NY 10016, 176 S Van Brunt St, 100 Park Avenue, New York City
    • 4.9
      4 minutes 116th Street (Lexington Avenue Line) New York, NY 10029, 1580 Park Avenue, Kitchen 3, New York City
    • 4.9
      7 minutes Nassau Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222, 181A Norman Ave, New York City
    • 4.7
      3 minutes Rector Street (Broadway — Seventh Avenue Line) New York, NY 10006, 106 Greenwich St, New York City
      123 …a nice piece of caramel. No doubt that their milk teas based on this great brew would taste amazing. Highly recommend
    • 4.7
      4 minutes Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11217, 185 5th Ave, New York City
      60 Very nice corner store with solid sandwiches and nice selection of staple groceries
    • 4.7
      3 minutes Astoria–Ditmars Boulevard Queens, NY 11105, 3308 Ditmars Blvd, New York City
      163 The best seafood I’ve ate ever, we ordered shrimps, sardines, dry sea scallops, and other one I don’t remember…
    • 4.6
      1 minute 14th Street (Eighth Avenue Line) New York, NY 10011, 112 8th Ave, New York City
      183 Amazing baked goods! Don’t sleep on the b&w cookies!!!
    • 4.7
      46 minutes Flushing–Main Street College Point, NY 11356, 129-21 14th Ave, New York City
      71 Great deli with a nice variety of sandwiches and hot food. Been driving past this place for a while it always…
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