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    • Rated Indian Astrologer and Spiritual Healer - Astro Krishna

      Training courses Astrology training centre
      289 reviews
      24 hours a day
      859 Flatbush ave martense street Brooklyn New York 11226, New York City
      Very genuine and Best astrologer and very honest. My family could be very thankful to him for his adventures and those have to visit once to choose his Performance. He is the first astrologer ever consulted. I Liked his suggestions and work.
    • Ballroom Dance in NYC

      Training courses Ballroom dance classes Dance school Wedding dance classes
      38 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      New York, NY 10162, 500 E 77th St, New York City
      Andrey is a wonderful teacher, kind, thoughtful, prepared and just all around excellent. He taught us various dances and knew exactly how to make things challenging yet doable and fun. He has great music. He has a wonderful kind demeanor and is so…
    • DanSwim

      Training courses E-learning Swimming section
      42 reviews
      New York, NY 10065, 1194 1st Ave. #6B, New York City
      Dan has been wonderful teaching three of my daughters, particularly my four year old who started out afraid to put her face in the water and is now a confident swimmer. He strikes a great balance of patient but firm, and my kids always look…
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    • School of Rock

      Training courses Education center E-learning Instruction in playing the guitar
      26 reviews
      New York, NY 10021, 439 E 75th St, New York City

      Training courses Astrology training centre
      1 rating
      24 hours a day
      3013 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226, New York City
      MASTER JAI organizes several workshops in New York City.
    • Acting Business Boot Camp

      Training courses Public speaking courses Acting classes Personal growth training
      21 reviews
      New York, NY 10021, 330 E 75th St, New York City
      I met Peter in February of 2020 and took the Acting Business Weekend Intensive which has been converted into a podcast--when I say both that experience and the podcast have been monumental in my acting career, I'm not kidding. I am so grateful to…
    • American Youth Dance Theater

      Training courses Ballet school Modern dance school Makeup courses
      19 reviews
      New York, NY 10021, 428 E 75th St, New York City
      I highly recommend this dance school for families who are committed to the art, physicality and discipline that dance has to offer kids interested in all styles of dance. My daughters have taken a variety of classes at AYDT and will begin their…
    • Fred Astaire Dance Studio New York East Side

      Training courses Education center E-learning Dance school
      25 reviews
      Open until 9:30PM
      New York, NY 10065, 328 E 61st St, New York City
      We had a fantastic time learning ballroom basics from Bozhidar! He’s an excellent instructor even for someone like myself with no formal dance experience. I only wish I lived in New York so that I could continue receiving instruction from Bozhidar!
    • Jay Mandel, Your Brand Coach

      Training courses Education center Personal growth training
      9 reviews
      New York, NY 10028, 164 E 82nd St #1B, New York City
      I was delighted to work with Jay Mandel as a brand coach. I have worked with him in the past and held him in high opinion. That said, participating in his course and getting his coaching exceeded my expectations. Not only did he really care…
    • Kids at Art

      Training courses Education center E-learning Schools of the Arts
      10 reviews
      New York, NY 10021, 1412 2nd Ave, New York City
      Very tasty food. The bbq'd sesame sticks were a delightful appetizer. I also tried the sesame non-chicken with a ginger gogi tea. All were very good. Both dishes were very sweet and made for an American palette.
    • Center for Dance and Body

      Training courses Education center Ballet school Zumba
      1 review
      New York, NY 10021, 428 E 75th St, New York City
      A gem of a class, beginner ballet incorporates meticulous instruction with beautiful music and a genuine opportunity for adult dancers to enjoy beginner ballet. Anna is an extraordinary teacher and her dedication to precise ballet education…
    • Ballet & Body

      Training courses E-learning Ballet school Dance school
      1 review
      Open until 9PM
      New York, NY 10065, 325 E 65th St, New York City
      The Advanced Beginner ballet class with Simon is a solid classical Russian ballet class. Covers all the bases, but not for absolute beginners.
    • SHL - Success Life Coaching NYC

      Training courses Education center Personal growth training Business courses
      11 reviews
      New York, NY 10065, 116 E 63rd St #1B, New York City
      I contacted Liana because I was tired of living in a pattern. I scheduled a 5 week package. After the first session, I saw immediate shifts in my life. After the second session, I thought of more hindrances she could help me conquer. After 4…
    • Grand Prix Driving School

      Training courses Education center Swimming section Driving school
      105 reviews
      New York, NY 10065, 806 Lexington Ave, New York City
      Road test passed!

      Thanks to Grand Prix Driving School for delivering good services throughout my 10h lesson package.

      Also thanks to my main instructor Dorian who taught many tricks that I use in my everyday drive.
      He had the confidence to teach…
    • leaders sports performance

      Training courses Taekwondo section Climbing section Martial arts studio
      4 reviews
      New York, NY 10065, 168 E 66th St, New York City
      There is so much positive energy in this place, my son is looking forward to each class.
    • Sokol New York

      Training courses Education center Baseball Taekwondo section
      7 reviews
      New York, NY 10021, 420 E 71st St, New York City
      Both of my kids did tot gymnastics and then Tae Kwon Do. I did volleyball for 13 years. Absolutely amazing atmosphere, they make you feel like family. I can praise enough this place. Give it a chance, it’s a great value and the experience your…
    • Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu NYC

      Training courses Education center Kung fu section Athletic training centres
      12 reviews
      New York, NY 10065, 328 E 61st St, New York City
      This school is an amazing martial arts school. The martial arts being taught, Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun, is a very practical martial arts with great depth. The students there are all very nice and welcoming. The instructor, Sifu William…
    • Japanese Cooking Studio, Inc.

      Training courses Education center Cookery courses Cooking classes
      1 review
      Open until 10PM
      New York, NY 10021, E 76th St, New York City
      Japanese Cooking Studio was an incredible experience full of information. We learned a lot throughout the class, and Chef Mamie gave us great ideas on where to find the ingredients as well as how to prepare the food. Highly recommend!
    • Comunità Linguistica

      Training courses Education center Language class for foreign language
      6 reviews
      New York, NY 10065, 1192 1st Ave., New York City
      Alessio is the best teacher with a foolproof way of teaching Italian. Before studying with him, I had studied Italian for years without much progress. My fluency and competence have increased substantially with his method of teaching. Bravo…
    • Teddy Tutoring

      Training courses Education center E-learning Competitive exam tutorial
      4 ratings
      New York, NY 10075, 350 E 79th St, New York City
    • WTKO Honbu Dojo

      Training courses E-learning Karate class Sports school
      4 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      New York, NY 10021, 340 E 71st St, New York City
      Outstanding quality of teaching. Couldn’t recommend more highly, if you have the chance to train there take it!
    • Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance

      Training courses Ballet school Dance school Hip-hop school
      3 reviews
      New York, NY 10044, 548 Main St, New York City
    • Manhattan Rhythmics

      Training courses Education center Acrobatics section Study abroad
      2 ratings
      New York, NY 10044, 250 Main St, New York City
    • Punch Force Fitness

      Training courses Martial arts studio Kickboxing Boxing section
      16 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      New York, NY 10075, 223 E 80th St, New York City
      Punch is the best personal training gym in NY—with the best energy within a neighborhood environment. All the trainers take an interest in clients regardless of fitness level, and build from there.

      I have been going three times a week at 6 am for…
    • Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance

      Training courses Ballet school Dance school
      3 ratings
      24 hours a day
      New York, NY 10065, 316 E 63rd St, New York City
    • Kathryn Brickell Music

      Training courses Music courses
      3 reviews
      New York, NY 10021, 441 E 75th St, New York City
      I have three 6-year olds and a 7-year old. Elaine was our client services person and she was able to find a teacher who could teach piano to all four children on one day. I'd mentioned that one child might be interested in singing and my 7-year…
    • The Music & PlayStation - Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance

      Training courses Schools of the Arts Drawing classes Dance school
      6 ratings
      New York, NY 10044, 507 Main St, New York City
    • Imodelschool

      Training courses Model school
      1 review
      New York, NY 10021, 300 E 74th St, New York City
      Shawn's Model Moves Camps are great. Being a former model, Shawn will teach you tricks of the trade — such as learning your angles and positioning your body in front of the camera which is not as easy as it looks! I highly recommend her camps…
    • Dance Workshop

      Training courses Education center Ballet school Modern dance school
      7 ratings
      Open until 9PM
      New York, NY 10065, 154 E 64th St, New York City
    • Linnea Wexler Master Coach, NLP and Hypnotherapy

      Training courses Personal growth training Psychological training
      1 rating
      New York, NY 10021, 500 E 77th St Unit 1510, New York City
    • Kids russian classes at ChessMaxAcademy

      Training courses Language class for foreign language
      1 rating
      New York, NY 10028, 421 E 81st St, New York City
    • Aquafit Swimming

      Training courses Swimming section
      7 reviews
      New York, NY 10044, 36 River Rd, New York City
      Excellent swimming lessons for children and adults!
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