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20 reviews
Casey D.
December 1, 2023
Disadvantages Came into Naomi's with high expectations, cancelled after 1 VERY disappointing service. To be frank, I feel scammed. Whoever "cleaned" the house appears to have vacuumed and wiped down the bathrooms with minimal effort. The kitchen was completely uncleaned, rugs were not cleaned, hardwood floors were not cleaned properly, etc. And to top it all off, they left my house unlocked when they left. DO NOT get your house cleaned with this company. Comment Highly disappointed. Date of services
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81 reviews
Tim G.
November 29, 2023
Advantages Excellent customer support from our primary contact Brandon, and everyone else when he was unavailable. They were patient and didn’t push us to make a decision…..maybe most important to us was their management of the installation. They arranged the movers and coordinated with the installers. There were 3 carpet layers, each had their role. When done they coordinated with the movers to be back on site within minutes of the job’s completion. The process was perfect, they told us it would
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63 reviews
Rich S.
November 24, 2023
Advantages They arrived early and got started as soon as they got here. Carlos was very polite and business like and seemed very knowledgeable about his work. The end result was fantastic. They stripped off the old siding and showed me where there was water damage and replaced the damaged plywood, installed a Lowes water proof barrier, flashing, new siding and caulked all the gaps and seals to make it water tight. My storm door and front door needed adjustment. Carlos fixed both and when the storm
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12 reviews
November 21, 2023
Comment I trusted Wendy Wells. Big mistake. She convinced me that I should go with a managed account. The switched happened and then things fell apart and I have no idea what is happening to my money. Repeated calls to Wendy resulted in passing the buck and now nothing. She was my only contact at Fidelity and now the account is all messed up. People who work in the same company can't figure out how she did what she did and no one knows how to fix it. There are no notes in the account and no way
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139 reviews
November 18, 2023
Advantages The team that came to my house, Patricia, Lulu, and Milka, were pleasant, accommodating my requests, efficient, and cleaned my bath, sink, and stove better than I can. My house was spotless when they were finished.
27 reviews
November 13, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages All excesses Comment We just got a judgement from EPM Machine Co, (AKA) Greg Mahoney for a 383 ci engine we ordered almost two years ago for $3,295.00. Contacted A lawyer in Oregon and we just got a judgment in our favor. Took some time but at this point we had it with this CLOWN, He has screwed a lot of people that I see online. If you are a straight shooter and you have all the documents to prove to the court he owes you for not delivering the engine or whatever
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2 reviews
Erik B.
November 1, 2023
Nice gun shop! friendly service really helped my buddy out and really didnt need to. Also gave me a fair price for what I was looking for. I would recomend them highly.
Brendan R.
October 22, 2023
Advantages Fast to respond, set up an appointment, and quick work. Very friendly, answered questions, and overall just one of the best experiences I've had working with people on my beloved yet beat car. Even given it's current state, he treated it like the the beloved baby of mine it is. Disadvantages None, an honestly incredible experience all around.
58 reviews
Bill M.
October 14, 2023
Advantages The only advantage this place offers is it saves a mile of driving Disadvantages Items are overpriced, everytime I am in there I see dairy that has expired so i inform them to which I get an attitude similar to resentment, rude to customers, enjoys watching his phone or taking a nap more than being attentative to customers Comment Last night was my final straw- I witnessed a customer pay with cash and as he reached into his wallet, an older Indian/Pakistani guy looked in it, then quickly
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25 reviews
October 6, 2023
Comment Nice products but EXTREMELY hostile owner. LOTS of negative signage... Don't touch, don't look, don't steal! DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE OWNER. She WILL be watching YOU! WOWZA! Date of services rendered 10/5/2023 Specialist description the owner
October 3, 2023
Advantages One of the best insurance offices I've ever had, If not the best. Very competent and professional staff. Especially the new guy. I like him.
Beth M.
September 26, 2023
Advantages So mom came home from church and learned someone had moved the garage two inches - aack! She used duct tape and a shoe string to hold the fender together. First thing Monday morning, she sheepishly headed to ADESA. The team politely chuckled, promptly refastened the bumper (she kept the clips) and buffed out the garage paint. Done in less than ten minutes. No charge. These guys rock!
41 reviews
Jon d.
September 21, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages No stroller access teens working have no knowledge of anything just hired cause of lazy owner I was given an explanation why my stroller wouldn't fit as if lol wow 🙀 Comment Amazed amazon has a store called hattawear oh sorry did they buy everything from Amazon oops convenients folks these guys fooled us all just use Amazon Date of services rendered 103748484 Specialist description Ya
66 reviews
September 14, 2023
Advantages I've been taking my dog there for 2 years now for nail trims. Dog is skittish and reactive and they said she's great with belly scratches and treats.
September 13, 2023
Advantages Polite, Professional, on time and accurate quote. Two Movers (helpers) Disadvantages No real negatives. Things went smoothly. Comment I planned to move to Grants Pass and found Rock Solid Movers LLC on Thumbtack using the U-haul moving help app. I talked to Levi who said the dates and time were open and I booked with them. He stated the hourly rates and minimum time upfront. As the date got closer we reconfirmed. They showed up on time with dolly's and got right to work. Very Professional
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19 reviews
Michelle P.
September 12, 2023
Advantages Mike is a consummate professional with a quick wit and sincerity. unique to his trade.
123 reviews
Kenon B.
September 11, 2023
Disadvantages Won't deliver if it takes effort. Comment 2 days in a row "Business was closed"... to my apartment. Lazy driver just didn't want to walk it up the stairs and leave on my doorstep like Amazon and UPS do. No signature required, nada. Date of services rendered Sept 10, Sept 11 Specialist description Who knows, they didn't try to show up
12 reviews
Bill T.
September 8, 2023
Advantages This is my 2nd EXCELLENT experience with Albany Oregon Rodda Paint! My prior review was to complement their excellence in matching paint! This time is to complement their excellent ability to advise, supply materials and coaching availability for assisting with a damaged interior wall repair! I am absolutely amazed by the results realized, and from the cost savings from choosing Rodda Paint for this task! I estimate the material cost from Rodda and their coaching probably saved me at
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13 reviews
August 28, 2023
Advantages Actually, the price and location are good but I can’t give negative numbers for the service Disadvantages Although Oregon is finally allowing us to pump around gas, they don’t require it. Except in very, very rural areas. Multiple customers sat waiting over 10 minutes while clerk sat in office doing absolutely no work and ignoring customers even when some honcho out of frustration. Date of services rendered Monday the 28th perhaps 11 thirtyish or earlier Except they didn’t render service Specialist
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2 reviews
August 18, 2023
I'll keep it short and simple. Money has been Tight. My son went to school full tuition. Try to put my daughter in. Told The school and was honest with what I could pay. And they never returned my call after seeing a dollar amount! their true colors do not Reside with God. It's the school Or anybody attending, You know that wasn't right, God would have taken in or a called back before school starts? What do you think about this? GOD BLESS
14 reviews
Fred Y.
August 17, 2023
Advantages I called Angel Automotive last minute to get a repair done on my truck. Owner (Angel) had me drop off the vehicle within an hour and had my vehicle fixed & ready to go within 2 hours. Angel was very personable & professional. Angel was very reasonable with pricing. It’s father & son business, I strongly recommend their automotive shop in Mt Angel. Fred Ybarra Disadvantages N/A Comment Great father & son business!!!!
39 reviews
Damon M.
August 15, 2023
Advantages Nione that I seem... Disadvantages Unethical, poor customer care.... Comment Unscrupulous and immoral, wouldn't make it right when these tires proved not worthy of being sold. You made it out like it was my fault i bought defective, shitty tires. AND, IN A WAY YOU ARE RIGHT BECAUSE I MADE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING You WERE A Honest BUSINESSMAN. NOBODY WILL MAKE MY MISTAKE WITHOUT KBOWING YOU DO NOT TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. Date of services rendered APPROX. July 20th 2023. Informed
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21 reviews
August 13, 2023
Disadvantages Clerk attitude Comment I went to the store to purchase cigarettes. I asked the Clerk for 10 packs and the Clerk picked up a Carton. I asked the Clerk to ring them up as 10 packs because it is less expensive than purchasing a carton because of a "buy two pack" promotion. He said "I'm not going to sit here and ring up 10 packs! ( as if that takes a long time). I was the only person in the store at the time so it's not as if he was busy. I explained it is cheaper to buy them individually
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August 6, 2023
Advantages Fast scheduling. Disadvantages None. Comment Thank God, for Doctor Russo. He helped me so much with my back pain. I did not have to have major surgery because of him.
Brian B.
August 3, 2023
Advantages I went in for an MRI on my knee and the radiation tech realized I'd need an arthrogram since I'd had knee surgery before. Disadvantages They are absolutely stealing from patients. Costs here are absurd, sometimes charging 13X the national average for some services. Most costs end up being 3-5X the national average. Unless you can't survive the trip to a different hospital, avoid going here at all costs because this place will cost a lot. Comment The quality of care is substandard for
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79 reviews
erica g.
July 30, 2023
Advantages Easy to get in on the weekends Disadvantages I was disappointed. My nails are all crooked. One is so sharp I can open an Amazon box. My foot person spent nearly 20 min rubbing my calf, my left foot didn't get rubbed all but maybe 2 min (approx guesstimate on time) out of the nearly 20 she spent rubbing my calves, she whacked it maybe 4 times but not an actual rub, atleast not in comparison to the right foot. The people next to me got their feet ACTUALLY rubbed, why couldn't i?. She did
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23 reviews
July 28, 2023
Advantages Especially clean Disadvantages none Comment Lindsey is a wonderful Masseuse, and as well human being. I have enjoyed our talks and we are fine. So I would recommend Lindsey over any other Masseuse that I have met. Thank You Lindsey for your empathy. Enjoy your upcoming trip and have fun. Still, I would be remiss to gloss over the behavior of a previous person. Please to remember that the women working at massage parlors are not your friend and never will be. THE IMAGES ARE NOT OF
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131 reviews
Susan P.
July 23, 2023
Advantages Kind and caring staff and limited wait times. Disadvantages The times I have been there have all been great, same applies to my husband and his visits. Comment I was sent from my ortho doc to Riverbend as I was in Eugene and got an ultrasound that showed a blood clot in my leg. I was in their ER for 8 hours with ZERO treatment (just needed a pill and RX and be on my way) so I fled to drive back to Roseburg and went to Mercy where I was treated and released in just under 4 hours. Eugene
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68 reviews
July 19, 2023
Advantages Nice Products Disadvantages Poor Customer Service! Comment Bought a pair of Nike 270 Youth Zoom Air Max gym shoes that costs $130+ tax. Attempted my third wear on them well kept in wrapper and boxed and to me surprise they are lemon drop yellow in color. I had them for over six months and having managed in retail for over seventeen years I knew I was outside of the return/ exchange window without my receipt. I know that at store management level a return on worn shoes without a receipt
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149 reviews
Marc C.
July 15, 2023
Advantages Does respond to you Disadvantages The responses have very little value Comment Don't waste your time with Autoloss. They give the impression that you will get a huge settlement and a lot out of them-until you pay them. After that, I'm pretty sure their policy is to give you the absolute minimum amount of their time as possible-if you get a full 20 minutes out of them, you're probably way above average. Claimed my DV was $7000 and I should get 80-90% of that. But using Autoloss DV manual
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John A.
July 14, 2023
Advantages Service was better than the last time but the prices were CRAZY! I wanted to replace transmission fittings to radiator thinking they would have them in stock but no! $32 each plus $21 shipping and wait 3 days. I went to O'Reillys and they had them in stock .Total for 2 was $13.68!! $85 and wait or 13.68 now. Comment I really like to support local business but 6 times the price??
3 reviews
July 11, 2023
We have had both of our kids there for years and love them. They truly care for the kids and what they have done to make their home a fun and safe place for kids shows it. From and entire room built into a castle to a homemade pirate ship out side for the kids to play on. Our kids loved going here as do many others.
7 reviews
Chandra K.
July 7, 2023
We had every intention of completing this project until the wife told us they only had a specific dollar amount (after project was underway) and to stop working once the bill was at that amount. If we had known they did not have the money to complete the project prior to starting we would not have ever started the project to begin with. The years of water damage from broken pipes under the home was the worst we had ever seen. The floors and walls were beyond saving in most rooms. After we got
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19 reviews
John B.
June 27, 2023
Advantages This marketplace serves and promotes not only local trade, it is also a perfect example for other historical towns across America to follow. Visiting Rick's shop is like opening a time capsule containing Central Oregon's past present and future, making it a 'must-stop-in' if you are traveling in the area
chris a.
June 27, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages Outrageously poor customer service Comment Ten of us on motorcycles stopped at Scotty's to top off with fuel, take a break from the increasing heat, and have some ice cream sandwiches in the shade. The crusty woman (Diana) behind the counter took a set against us from the outset, I suppose because we were on motorcycles, refusing to engage in innocent small talk and threatening us with her husband while ordering her middle school grandson around. It was too pretty
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Jason R.
May 29, 2023
Disadvantages You need to bring our machines back to the store because having the bottledrop it's the only place we could take our tans back and if they're closed we can't which sucks Comment And it is very very piss-poor Date of services rendered It's any and every time I visit the and it takes forever Specialist description Don't know who serve me and don't care I just want our machines brought back to the friggin stores because we used to be able to take our cans back twenty-four hours now
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Brad H.
May 15, 2023
Comment Freddy from North Air did a great job changing out my heating & AC unit with a new one. I worked in HVAC for 8 years before switching careers, so I know what it takes to change out a heating & AC system. It does not take a big company with high overhead to change out a heating system, but it just takes an honest business with a certified installer that knows what they are doing, and that is what North Air seems to be about. Freddy was on time, friendly, knowledgeable and took the time to
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M K.
May 15, 2023
Dr. Passanisse reconstructed my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my left knee. She gave a very thorough explanation of my condition and whether and how I would benefit from surgery. I felt that I had all of the information necessary to make a decision with the tradeoffs of surgery or continuing with a ruptured ACL. I decided to go ahead with surgery and it went very well. I had a quick recovery with little pain and appreciated the follow-up check-ins with Dr. Passanise at 2, 6, 12 and 20 weeks
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1 review
Tiffany W.
May 11, 2023
This is a property management company that is all about creating imaginary probably charges. They don't fix things when you tell them they are broken. They wanted to raise the rent, I said, well are you going to fix the lights and the stoves fuse that doesn't fit and sparks. And they replied with no, so we won't raise it, and so we found a new place. Now moving out they are trying to charge me for a stove replacement because it doesn't work. It does work if you know how to bang on the fuse box just
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65 reviews
May 10, 2023
Advantages No known advantages whatsoever Disadvantages Every aspect of the interaction with anyone working there, from start to finish. I regret ever even giving this company a chance or speaking with anyone on the property. Comment Prior customer, about 10 years ago to tow a pickup. I will never go back, strictly based on the service. Also, as a 15+ year local I have used a few U-Hauls through them, for various moves. Every time it is a nightmare. Staff and the customer service is lackluster
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27 reviews
Russ W.
May 10, 2023
Comment WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! I live in Central Oregon and had to select Pacific Endodontics in Lake Oswego to do my root canal for insurance reasons. The office was aware I was driving to Portland the night before for my appointment first thing in the morning. I received a call 45 minutes before my appointment saying the dentist had to cancel so I was forced to reschedule another trip for the following Friday after driving 380 miles round trip the first time. There was no effort to compensate
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Kelly O.
May 6, 2023
Advantages Very nice and comfortable knowledgeable place I highly recommend Gina Kim shes so nice
Barbara E.
May 6, 2023
Advantages Awful Disadvantages Awful Comment I am a 77 year old woman with blue cross health insurance. I have high blood pressure with blocked arteries. When I came in to ER I had a very high blood pressure. The night before I had been at the ER in Grants Pass I was given nitrogen because that day a nucular test showed I had a blockage. I was sent home only to get worse so went to Medford ER because my cardiologist is located there. My daughter drove me to ER. IT ENDED UP BEING
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56 reviews
Theresa C.
May 6, 2023
Advantages I love everything about my tattoo Comment Loren gave me a Bad Ass tattoo today. I’m so extremely happy with it.
2 reviews
Bridger w.
May 4, 2023
For nobody managing it full time or even half time it is a great gun range
94 reviews
Alexis M.
April 30, 2023
Advantages Nothing Disadvantages Put 20 tokens in the 3rd bay 2 seconds of soap on my truck it stopped went to see what happened and it told me to insert $3.50 to start so I added more to rinse and it wouldn't work called number 20x no answer message box full.... passed off stole my money and a waste of time worst self wash in valley Date of services rendered April 28th Specialist description Soap n suds on Lancaster Dr
46 reviews
Catt F.
April 18, 2023
Disadvantages I took my 9 year old grandson in for an earache b/c I didn't want to bother the ER staff next door for such a small thing. We were there 2.5 HOURS before the Dr. finally saw us. They said they would call in a prescription. Four hours later, multiple phone calls to two different pharmacies and more than multiple calls back to the urgent care and he STILL doesn't have his prescription. First pharmacy requested did not receive. Called back to UC. Second time, pharmacy did not receive
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20 reviews
Christine W.
April 13, 2023
Advantages On time for appointments Location Recommendation ratings Disadvantages Discounted chronic panic disorder Very poor bedside manner; condescending, discounted feelings/reactions to medication Treated me cruelly knowing husband died same day medication stolen from my car. He dropped me as a patient as a result.He never once asked me what my childhood was like, what types of thOughts and feelings caused panic. He knew nothing about me. If he were to take test today, I would be proven
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Brenda O.
March 31, 2023
Advantages Their representative was very prompt and knowledgeable as well as thorough. He helped us develop a plan to address both rodents and termites. Will definitely use them again in the future if the need should arrive.
7 reviews
Lynda S.
March 30, 2023
Advantages Tim is very knowledgeable. He listens to you needs and researches your issue, before giving you the options that will best serve your needs. He will spent all the time you need to answer any questions you have. Tim is a very personable and makes you feel very comfortable in his ability to help your situation. The price seemed very reasonable for the amount of time he will spend with you and drafting paperwork that you need. When I have another legal issue, I will return to Tim
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106 reviews
Joel D.
March 24, 2023
Advantages Being discharged as a patient. Date of services rendered February to March 2023. Specialist description Poor Customer Service provided by the Dentist Dr. Bjork and his Staff. Saw the Dentist following an accident involving my upper mouth and teeth, the tooth that was cracked was pulled and they made me an appointment for 2 weeks. I returned and looked at my mouth and teeth and wanted me to return in 2 weeks as my mouth wasn't healed enough. Returned in 2 weeks he took 2 X-rays and
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38 reviews
Michael R.
March 24, 2023
Advantages None. Horrible experience Disadvantages Not drink your business in the ground Comment 9:30 in the morning the owner and whom ever the girl was was drunk and quite rude. I don't want them working on my stuff. Beware of this... Date of services rendered 3/24/2023 Specialist description Owner
99 reviews
March 18, 2023
Isn't this one on Lancaster though??
104 reviews
Morgan S.
March 16, 2023
Advantages A great place to throw away your money. Disadvantages I move into onw of their apartment buildings in 2017. It was a tax exempt unit since I was barely making a livable wage. Everything started great. In 2020 I move into a larger tax exempt unit. I took over my friends lease (she lived in the unit for 3 or 4 years.) I took over the lease to avoid deposits and the usual hassle of resigning. The place was clean and not damage so I trusted the process.bi recieved my entire deposit back
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Tracy M.
March 13, 2023
This guy put the “CON” in contractor! Buyer beware! Inconsistent work hours, dishonesty and poor communication! He robbed me of $18,000! Contractors’ Board has no clout anymore so no recourse. Attorney fees were too high since PH took my money’! Makes sure to ask for a clean and concise contract- make sure he gives you an end date in writing! He has lots of excuses and no follow through! Many of his reviews are written by family members! Low!
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