Dog Gone Clean- Dog Grooming and Self Serve Dog Wash — Beaverton/Portland

Dog Gone Clean- Dog Grooming and Self Serve Dog Wash — Beaverton/Portland

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If you are willing to delegate the issue of grooming your pet to a professional, then one of the spots where this can be done is Dog Gone Clean- Dog Grooming and Self Serve Dog Wash — Beaverton/Portland. The pet stylists here would perform a basic check-up to find any potential problems and give advice on dealing with them. Then, they would carry out the regular servicing that your pet needs like bathing, claw trimming and hair cutting and brushing.

Dog Gone Clean- Dog Grooming and Self Serve Dog Wash — Beaverton/Portland is rated 5. You may see reviews to understand what people think about this place and write down your own opinion.

You can find Dog Gone Clean- Dog Grooming and Self Serve Dog Wash — Beaverton/Portland at: Portland, OR 97223, 10120 SW Hall Blvd. You can call this place by dialing (503) 291—1818. For more, there is an official website:

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Reviews about Dog Gone Clean- Dog Grooming and Self Serve Dog Wash - Beaverton/Portland

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  • I have been coming her for about a year and I have always been so pleased with my dogs final look! The groomers will listen to you and achieve your desired look!
  • I’ve used their self grooming service and had my golden retriever groomed at Dog Gone Clean.
    Overall, I had a great experience with both services.
    Self wash service: they have high velocity dryers, provide shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner, brushes, happy hoods, and towels. Super easy and comfortable to use for both me and my dog! It’s very reasonably priced.
    Grooming service: took longer than i was told it would take, and longer than I’ve experienced at other groomers. This wasn’t an issue for
    – show
  • Great cut, great service, nice people. Best cut my Mylo has gotten.
  • Love that it’s walk-in $10 nail clipping! We have never had to wait and they are great with the pups. The self doggy grooming stations are nice too!
  • Great for self serve washing, terrible at grooming Doodles, I have never been so disappointed. Takes work to cut them properly, I fixed it.
    • Unfortunately, when doodles are not dried or brushed properly after washing, they get matted. A reset groom was needed (meaning, cut short and start over), as was discussed with the person who dropped off and picked up (not this reviewers name). We will not do brushouts on pups who matts are this severe. Sorry it didn't work for you. Hopefully, she will be dried and brushed properly as she grows out and she won't need to be dematted again and she could receive a longer cut.
  • the groomers here are so nice and so good at what they do! they even sent me this pic of my dog after. i definitely recommend them!
    • Thanks for the great 5 star review! We are so glad you liked the picture! We look forward to seeing you again!
  • Always happy with our Standard Schnauzers haircuts and treatment. I love that all the dogs are upfront being groomed.
  • Very nice place to take your pet for self service. Clean and good set up. The staff was very friendly. I am retired now but groomed for49 years professionally and needed a place to take my friends large dog. This worked out really well. Thank you Dog Gone Clean.
  • These people are a gift from above. My dogs nails are the worst!! They got everyone clipped up before chaos could happen! Love them!!
  • Excellent self-wash stations for a reasonable price, staff are super competent and kind!
    • Thanks for the 5 stars, Jake! We are so glad it worked well for you!
  • Just moved to the Tigard area with my rusty puppy, and found this place close by! The staff we’re friendly and trimmed his nails without much drama! huskies I swear!
    Good place, definitely will be bringing rusty again.
  • Cool people who know what they're doing. Suffering a little from understaffing. Hope the employees are getting paid what they're worth. They were playing Tool when I walked in, so good vibes.
    • Thanks for the 5 stars! I assure we take good care of our amazing crew!
  • My neighbor recommended. Simply love this place. Friendly staff and always love how they gloom the doggies. My dog get her paws dremelled. Highly recommend.
  • I love the service here! My dog hates having his nails trimmed and he is reactive to other dogs…the staff here is great, helping to find a quiet time to bring him in and getting his nails done quickly and painlessly. They also try to soothe him since hes trembling during the trim. We're usually in and out in 5 minutes!
  • We recently moved to the area and needed a groomer for our dogs, and (somehow) this was one of the higher rated ones, so we decided to try them out. Never again.

    My wife took our dogs in at the time scheduled for our appointment and nobody seemed to be there. There was also a dog left on one of the grooming tables with nobody supervising, which seemed very unsafe. Waited for a long time for somebody to come serve us or take our dogs, and eventually after almost 10 minutes waiting someone appear
    – show
    • We are sorry that you did not like our shop, we obviously have many clients who would disagree with you. Good luck to you!
  • Very nice staff, affordable, and flexible scheduling! My only two complaints are that I don't like how the leashes for self wash are attached to the floor grate in the baths. It's not secure and so when you have a wiggly dog like mine, it's more harmful than helpful. Her toes have almost gotten caught in the grate a few times because of this. Also, every time I've gone, all of the baths in the self wash area have been really dirty, totally full of hair. I know part of that is the fault of the ot – show
  • Good prices for a self groom and they were able to clip my impossible dog's nails.

    They're even spending a little extra time to get her used to the Dremel.
  • We have loved this place but yesterday I was very clear about “we do not want our dog shaved, please don’t do that.” They were very nice and said we will be sure tk call you if we have to and make sure it’s okay. No call and we find out we have a shaved dog. I just wish they would’ve called like they said and asked because I would’ve just wanted the knots to stay. When she gets shaved she refuses to go potty outside (too cold) and of course, today she pooped twice inside and refused to go out – show
  • Amazing service, cheap prices, great location.
  • Wonderful people. Great job. Our golden is gorgeous.
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