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in Phoenix
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8 reviews
john l.
January 30, 2023
Advantages NONE Disadvantages Predatory business practices wanted 4500 dollars for a tcm that is 700 dollars new from the dealer Comment DO NOT BUY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Date of services rendered 01/27/2023 Specialist description mike
112 reviews
Vania B.
January 27, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages CAUTION DON'T GO HERE!! This is the most unprofessional law firm I have ever dealt with!! I came to Zacher law firm with a case of a rear ending in a drive thru of a local hamburger place. The girl admitted fault, stating ... "She accidentally hit the gas Instead of the break!" Leaving me with $18,000 worth of medical bills and a lot of pain and suffering. Zacher law firm came back to me at the end of the case and said that Traveler insurance would only pay not
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81 reviews
Brandon i.
January 20, 2023
Advantages Place has awesome customer service down to earth workers and the greatest deals on earth Disadvantages N/a Comment I would stay coming back to this place all the worth while
January 8, 2023
Advantages None. Such a disappointing experience. Disadvantages For almost $500 for an hour, I expect a real hair dresser. Not someone they call in at the last minute who kept apologizing that she couldn’t blow out hair!! This should have been easy. Paid $450 for my daughter’s 28th birthday party for a professional blow out and curl of my two daughter’ hair. Was assured they had top professional hair dressers. They sent a nice woman who literally did not know how to hold or handle a blow out
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Nathaniel S.
December 31, 2022
Advantages Nothing Disadvantages Customer service and product are the worst. For background, my water softener was originally installed in 2019 without a base for support at the side of my house; and over time, it started leaning forward, causing the piping to start leaking. I called earlier this year to complain about that and was told if they were to send someone to reseat it will be some exorbitant rate (about $300+), so I ended up installing a guard around the tank myself and re-tightening
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62 reviews
Susana B.
December 25, 2022
Advantages None Disadvantages The program coordinator inspected my home walk-in shower but did not ask what medication I am taking that caused dizziness or could make me pass out while showering. I requested plastic or glass shower doors and a wall-bolted padded seat which the advisor won't recommend. He said I can break the glass door which is incorrect. The glass doors are made resistant to weight, I am 158 lbs with degenerative brittle bones, and won't break a resistant shower door. He also
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1 review
Lowell (.
December 24, 2022
I purchased a $149.00 supply of this product on March 18,2022 paid with my favorite credit card.I didn't realize until this December that I was being billed $12.77 each month since the original purchase .I contact them about the subsequent charges and was told that was the fee for club membership.I told them I never signed up for a club membership and wanted a refund for the 9 payments the took.After wrangling back and forth they refunded the last 4 months,and when I contacted my card carrier I
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66 reviews
George S.
December 23, 2022
Advantages High Mileage, especially during the day shift. If you have a lot of cash, ask for Fancy Nancy. Lots of extras in VIP and even gave my buddy a BJ in the bathroom for $300 and her number for a little BDSM on the side, which surprised me since she’s married. My tip- steer clear of anything oral since my buddy said it was lame and not worth the money. Disadvantages The VIP could be bigger. The men’s room could be cleaner and not have an attendant. Comment Great club for extras, be it in
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8 reviews
Savannah G.
December 1, 2022
Advantages Small class sizes; strong religious curriculum; joyous student body; family oriented; caring and helpful staff; reasonable tuition; beautiful building Disadvantages Location; small offering of athletics and after school activities Comment There's a reason why people drive from all over the Valley to come to this school. The balance of religious and academic education is unrivaled. But above all, it truly is a family oriented place with shared values in Christ. You can see the happiness
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22 reviews
November 28, 2022
Advantages This was always a good place, I'm sure the loss in Revenue due to the Covid BS has a lot to do with the place going down hill. But good news is they got all brand new chairs in all the theaters, a couple new couches and that's been just recently. The crowds are getting bigger in there, the other night the parking lot was full. I've been seeing more couples going in there male female that's always good that helps bring people in and the Trannies are doing there thing and they look good
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85 reviews
November 20, 2022
Advantages Good ol' customer service and professionalism! Calling to make an appointment is easy and always a friendly voice on the other end. Girls up front are so friendly and willing to assist in any way. Javi is the best ever. He KNOWS his craft - is so kind, educational and professional - without being that typical "uptight medi spa" persona. I am a regular now and will always be! Disadvantages None
7 reviews
October 29, 2022
Advantages Very professional Comment Very nice pieces,Thank You for the watch.
Dominic d.
October 28, 2022
I give this company a 1 star. Rosa is a fake person and doesn't really support wrestling. I helped her out with a wrestling event 5 years ago. I helped her get a ring, get her wrestlers and got her a dj. She didn't have the time to respectfully thank me for helping her, she started the show late. And she was rude to the wrestlers and fans. I will never trust this lady again.
30 reviews
Rachel E.
October 24, 2022
Advantages NONE! Disadvantages EVERYTHING! Comment At first glance this company seemed great all the way up to signing the lease and locking us into an apartment. After that, they started showing their true colors. Now its clear, this company is laughable to say the least. Leasing agents throughout the whole process of living in their apartment and moving out made it hell on earth. During our not so lovely stay in Acora run apartments, appliances constantly broke and when we would call for a maintenance
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Eric W.
October 22, 2022
Advantages I live there over 18 years ago . Sounds like nothing has changed so sad nice place but don't move there. Disadvantages Employees are just rude back in the 90s as well as today . Comment Don't let them bully you. Date of services rendered Approximately 1999 made me put new skirting on because they didn't like the way it looked. Specialist description Just rude
9 reviews
October 20, 2022
Comment Warning this is the most unprofessional hair stylist. Stacey Vernon, charged me a total of $1,222.00 and kept the wig and money. Instead she sent me long text messages promising to create me a new wig and send the original wig to me. I provided her my mailing address a month ago. I haven't received the product, money, or tracking number. She stressed me out, sending long text messages going on and on about what she will do and then doesn't do it. She is rude and unprofessional. She told
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10 reviews
October 16, 2022
Advantages uk Disadvantages love spell Comment Ever since my husband got me divorced for the past 2 years, i v'e not been my self. I was reviewing some post of how i could get back my husband then, i saw a testimony shared by Marina Choas from SWEDEN about a spell caster named Dr. Okosun. I contacted Marina Chaos to confirm about how Dr. Okosun helped her and she clarified everything to me of how he helped her and that gave me the courage to get in touch with Dr. OKosun for help. Dr. Okosun assured
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106 reviews
maura c.
September 23, 2022
Advantages availability Comment Hi I went in late last night with no appointment needed my roots done Conan did my hair and he did not disappoint he understood the assignment! I received compliments last night lol ..... thanks again for being you Conan.
121 reviews
Jeffrey V.
September 23, 2022
Advantages none Disadvantages ***51 days without a refrigerator is ridiculous*** My experience with ARIZONA VALUE APPLIANCE REPAIR has been awful. We issued a claim via American Homeshield home warranty for our refrigerator on 8/16. It took a week to have somene dispatched. They took 2 weeks to get a replacement part and another week to make the repair. As of 9/9 the refrigerator was working properly. On 9/13 the refrigerator was no longer working. Another service request was issued, and ARIZONA
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September 16, 2022
Advantages I called 2 other companies who quoted me repairs at $1600… this company helped me fixed my problem over the phone! They were very kind and helpful while walking me through the steps. Thank you!!
48 reviews
richard r.
September 16, 2022
Advantages 20+ year member of dealing with arrogance, ok since they performed with health and investing. But finally had it and put in better retirement. Spent years of trying to resolve 1 healthcare issue then today after fighting the same cause again time to bail. Disadvantages 1.On card when it gives phone # and suggests already talking to an asrs agent change it to reflect a United Health Care not in office 2. When talking to first person in office that he knows nothing about health benefits
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29 reviews
Lillian R.
September 15, 2022
Advantages The men working there have serious attitudes. Women are great and service oriented with a smile. My mom always said keep your personal problems at home, dont bring them to work. These guys seem impositioned by customer presence. This can be rectified by word of mouth. Date of services rendered Over the last year. Specialist description Mark and other disgruntled male employee. They may be owners; that may be the problem. Owning the business is not the same capacity required to run a
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14 reviews
P B.
September 11, 2022
Advantages They came out and fixed my grill. Very happy to have it up and running again. He was very informative and helpful. He and his staff very courteous, friendly and answered the calls. Kept me updated on the arrival time. Communication is key with any business. Thank you for being available and for fixing my grill! Comment His Assistant was awesome!
15 reviews
September 9, 2022
Advantages I always feel like I’m in a safe and comfortable environment when I’m at The Body Firm. They truly care about helping you reach your fitness goals with zero judgement. Plus the studio/equipment is always so clean!
1 review
Kayla M.
September 8, 2022
My Two children, ages 3 & 1, have been going to Loving Arms Since they were both newborns, and I couldn't be happier with the care they receive. She is a loving mother with many years of childcare experience. She prepares healthy meals and snacks for them. My children have fun learning through play structure, which she implements with lots of fun educational toys and games. She has excellent communication and is very reliable. Our children are always excited to go to her in the morning. I feel
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92 reviews
Jack F.
August 31, 2022
Advantages Working with Thice on my disability case was awesome. She’s the best and very sweet and helpful. Can’t say enough about her. Thank you Thice. Disadvantages None
1 review
Matthew O.
August 30, 2022
Hires the type of person who texts while driving dangerously, nearly causing an accident. Unprofessional, negligent, and dangerous.
6 reviews
August 24, 2022
Advantages ben and his team came to my house right on the time they said they wood, they got to work right away and before you knew it they were done, Mr ben and his wonderfull crew are so professional they are so polite i have used them before and i will continue to use them again, the funny thing is that i wanted to pay ben ahead of time but ben wood not take my check unless he was finished with his work and i was happy with his work, these guys are Amazing they are all beautiful people and most
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166 reviews
Trenae m.
August 16, 2022
Advantages They are on time good customer service Disadvantages It was perfect
72 reviews
August 14, 2022
Advantages Bible based teaching Disadvantages Singles groups gone, womens ministry group gone on Sunday mornings, evangelism explosion classes gone, tapestries moved to week day so working women can no longer attend, Saturday evening services gone, Sunday evening services gone, hebrews gone, bookstore gone. If one doesn’t work and has toddlers you are in luck you have mama meetup. I left because of all this and went to Desert Breeze church which is awesome Comment Seems to be only geared to
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L C.
August 14, 2022
This service is an epic failure. More of a disservice than a service. Let's people down by never even showing up. Don't use this company.
79 reviews
Ross M.
August 12, 2022
Advantages None Disadvantages Moving out BS bills Comment If you're reading this FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE before it's too late. After living here for 3 years and finally being forced to move out due to the massive rent hikes here and not being able to afford $2000 a month for a two bedroom apartment that was never made to be move in ready when we arrived Day 1. We moved in during the pandemic in 2020 and thought that place was too good to be true welp it was. During this time the property didn’t allow
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78 reviews
August 12, 2022
This stay had some good times and some bad times. The good times were when you did not have to interact with the leasing office. The first time was when we were establishing a lease with them and they were offering us the first full month of rent free and we confirmed it verbally with them multiple times with multiple people. Then 3 days into the first month we receive a notice to pay or be evicted. After I go to the leasing office to get everything figured out, one of the people who said the first
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