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    • Industrial Pizza + Brew

      Restaurants Pizza restaurant
      75 reviews
      TX 75080, 100 S Central Expy #72, Richardson
      We went out for a quick meal. Decided to sit indoors and soak up the wonderful atmosphere. Will definitely go back again to dine in. Have done take out in the pay.
      Small One Topping Pizza $6
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    • Schiano's

      Restaurants Pizza restaurant
      124 reviews
      TX 75082, 4011 E Renner Rd, Richardson
      Spinaci Pizza $20.99
      Combo Pizza $22
      Manzo Pizza $20.99
      106 more prices
    • Rocco’s Italian Café

      Restaurants Pizza restaurant
      164 reviews
      TX 75081, 908 Audelia Rd, Richardson
      Love their pizzas and the service was outstanding!!
      Their other menu items looks pretty good as well. Will definitely try their other foods.
      Pepperoni Pizza 12” $12.99
      Pepperoni Pizza 18” $15.99
      Pepperoni Pizza 16” $13.99
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    • Venezia's

      Restaurants Pizza places
      133 reviews
      TX 75082, 3555 Murphy Rd #107, Richardson
      The food here is sooo delicious. Our favorite Italian restaurant near us. We order from here all the time!
      Special Sicilian Pizza/Sicilian 16” x 16” $23.99
      Vegetable Pizza/Large 16” $17.99
      Cheese Sicilian Pizza/Sicilian 16” x 16” $15.99
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    • Aboca's Italian Grill

      Restaurants Pizza parlor
      159 reviews
      TX 75080, 100 S Central Expy Suite 63, Richardson
      Were they busy? No, I was their only guest.

      Food: 3/5
      Service: 1/5
      Ambiance: 2/5

      Dish: Chicken Marsala
      Dessert: Tiramisu

      Aside from the chicken being cooked to temp, sauce was just ok and tasted a bit more like thanksgiving gravy than a…
      Margherita Pizza/X-Large (8 Slices) $19.99
      Cheese Pizza/X-Large (8 Slices) $11
      Veggie Pizza/X-Large (8 Slices) $18
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    • SPIN! Pizza

      Restaurants Places for pizza
      180 reviews
      TX 75080, 348 W Campbell Rd, Richardson
      Excellent tasting pizza and wide variety. Great customer service and welcoming dining area. Reasonable prices.
      Kids' Cheese Pizza $5.50
      Kids' Pepperoni Pizza $5.50
      Spinach & Prosciutto $18.50
      65 more prices
    • Milano halal Pizza

      Restaurants Pizza spots
      111 reviews
      TX 75081, 224 E Spring Valley Rd, Richardson
      The buffalo chicken pizza never disappoints! Everyone here at Zoe's loves it!
      Veggie Combo Pizza/X-Large 16” $17.99
      Turkish Pizza/Pizza $3.69
      Meat Combo Pizza/X-Large 16” $17.99
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    • Cafe Gecko Richardson

      Restaurants Pizza outlet
      60 reviews
      TX 75080, 1381 W Campbell Rd, Richardson
      The food, service, and atmosphere were all great. I've been here twice now to this location and it's new favorite late night spot to grab a meal.
      Pizza del Mar (LARGE) $21.95
      Cheese $16.50
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    • Palio's Pizza Cafe Richardson

      Restaurants Pizza joints
      77 reviews
      TX 75080, 1469 W Campbell Rd, Richardson
      The Ralphie's Pizza/X-Large $22.99
      Molly's Pizza/X-Large $22.99
      Noah's Pizza/X-Large $22.99
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    • The Line Public House

      Restaurants Pizza shops
      58 reviews
      TX 75081, 940 E Belt Line Rd, Richardson
      Had a good time with my friend during karaoke night.
    • Fratello Pizza & Grill Halal

      Restaurants Pizzeria restaurant
      85 reviews
      TX 75081, 201 S Greenville Ave #101, Richardson
      Margherita Pizza/Large $18
      GYRO PIZZA/Large $18
      GYRO PIZZA/Medium $15
      115 more prices
    • Northside Drafthouse & Eatery

      Restaurants Pizzerias
      107 reviews
      TX 75080, 3000 Northside Blvd suite 800, Richardson
      When here to watch 2022 WC with a friend and had a lot of fun. Lots of TVs, and tables are clean. The food and drinks were good
      Margherita Pizza/14'' $15.99
      Basic B Pizza/14'' $15.99
      NY White Pizza/14'' $15.49
      44 more prices
    • Brizo

      Restaurants Pizzeria
      13 reviews
      TX 75080, 300 N Coit Rd Suite 255, Richardson
      Visited this place, they need a little help with service at the bar. Everyone was super nice but service was a little slow and we ordered a drink and waited for quite some time and didn't get our drink after we told 3 people, so we decided to tab…
    • Apollonia's Italian Kitchen

      Restaurants Restaurants with pizza
      76 reviews
      TX 75082, 3610 Shire Blvd Suite 108, Richardson
      Ordered two 12 inch pizzas, said it'd be ready in 30. Took a total of 55 minutes and was waiting at the restaurant for 25 mins.

      Very awk vibes, did not feel welcoming at all.
      Aesthetic seemed cute like going to visit my grandpa....
      Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza/12” $16
      Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza/16” $21
      Margherita Pizza/16” $19
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    • Mario's Pizza

      Restaurants Places to get pizza
      74 reviews
      TX 75082, 4251 E Renner Rd #122, Richardson
      This pizza was the best! Unfortunately it looks like they are closed. Went to pick up my order on Tuesday to find a dark store front. I wish the family well and hope to see them in business again someday. I know they struggled, but it was sooooo…
      New Yorker Pizza/Personal 10'' $12.50
      Mediterranean Pizza/Large 16” $20.99
      Mediterranean Pizza/Personal 10'' $14.50
      90 more prices
    • Pizza Americana

      Restaurants A pizza place
      76 reviews
      TX 75080, 800 W Arapaho Rd, Richardson
      I loved this place but sadly they closed temporarily why they change over to a Mexican restaurant I'm going to miss their pizzas
      Margherita Pizza/16” $16
      Margherita Pizza/12” $12
      Fig Manchego Pizza/16” $18
      61 more prices
    • Tuscany Italian Bistro

      Restaurants Pizza dining
      90 reviews
      TX 75081, 743 Brick Row #400, Richardson
      First time and here and all is can say is Wow really good pizza
      Personal Pizza with (2) Toppings $11.99
      Pizza Slice(s) Combo/(2) Slices & Tossed Salad $8.99
      Pizza Slice(s) Combo/(1) Slice, Tossed Salad, & Drink $8.99
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    • Tandoori Pizza & Grill

      Restaurants Pizza place restaurant
      73 reviews
      TX 75082, 3601 N Jupiter Rd #450, Richardson
      Ordered the butter chicken pizza and it was amazing!! Super delicious and high quality. The man working was super kind. He said that it’s his mom’s restaurant so everything is made with a mother’s touch and cooked with love! He wanted me to try…
      Curry Pizza/Individual 8” $5.99
      Curry Pizza/Large 14” $13.99
      Curry Pizza/Small 10” $6.99
      82 more prices
    • Olive Oil's Pizzeria

      Restaurants Pizza areas
      129 reviews
      TX 75080, 581 W Campbell Rd #129, Richardson
      If yall are ever looking for a small pizzeria with big flavor Olive Oil's is the place for you, the selection is amazing and the owner is one of the most caring people for his customers! Not to mention his prices are the best for a place that's…
      Meat Monster Pizza/20” $25.99
      Meat Monster Pizza/10” $9.99
      Meat Monster Pizza/12” $12.99
      17 more prices
    • Wizards Sports Cafe

      Restaurants Pizza stores
      109 reviews
      TX 75080, 747 S Central Expy, Richardson
      Huge props to our waitress who worked around the pool table area by herself on 11/21 during the cowboys vs chiefs game as she was running around everywhere. I gave her a good tip and I hope everyone else did the same thing. The burger and wings…
      Cheese Pizza $8.99
      Meat Lovers Pizza $11.99
      Roasted Veggie $10.99
      42 more prices
    • Russo's Coal-Fired Kitchen

      Restaurants Pizza joint
      127 reviews
      TX 75081, 700 E Campbell Rd, Richardson
      Great service and great variety of pizzas. Friendly and personable staff who know the menu and offer 1st time patrons detailed information on their pizzas. Very intimate dinning room to enjoy a meal and a bottle of wine. Good wine and beer menu....
      16×16” BYO Pizza $17
      16” BYO Pizza $17
      28” BYO Pizza $49
      178 more prices
    • Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

      Restaurants Pizza parlors
      73 reviews
      TX 75080, 900 N Coit Rd Suite 2701, Richardson
      PERFECT Friday night pizza, its one thing to order delivery from one of the big competitors, but only Papa Murphy's fills your home with the smell of FRESH baked pizza!!
      Tip: Have someone preheat the oven on your way home so you can pop it in as…
      Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza/Large (14 inches) By agreement
      Create Your Own Half & Half Pizza (Original Crust)/Family (16 inches) By agreement
      5-Meat Stuffed/Large (14 inches) By agreement
      114 more prices
    • far East Pizza co

      Restaurants Places to eat pizza
      27 reviews
      TX 75081, 1500 N Greenville Ave, Richardson
      We love Indian food, and we love pizza. By chance we had a coupon for this place. Unbeknownst to us it was inside of an office building, but still open after 4:00 on weekends. So we took a chance on it and we're so glad we did. Very friendly…
      Pizza By agreement
      Sandwiches By agreement
      3 more prices
    • Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

      Restaurants Pizza and restaurant
      60 reviews
      TX 75080, 3501 Custer Pkwy Suite 111, Richardson
      Food tastes good, but customer service is non-existent. I ordered and paid online, and due to an injury, I requested curbside. When I arrived I called three times (no one answers the phone), I left messages and waited 15—20 minutes. I finally had…
      Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza/Large (14 inches) By agreement
      Create Your Own Half & Half Pizza (Original Crust)/Family (16 inches) By agreement
      5-Meat Stuffed/Large (14 inches) By agreement
      114 more prices
    • i Fratelli Pizza Richardson

      Restaurants Places that sell pizza
      66 reviews
      TX 75080, 226 W Campbell Rd, Richardson
      Love this place. The big pizza slice was perfect along with my salad. Service was fantastic. I sat right outside and enjoyed my salad while I waited on my pizza.
    • Papa Johns Pizza

      Restaurants Dinepizza places
      71 reviews
      TX 75080, 819 W Arapaho Rd Ste 24a, Richardson
      It was excellent — unfortunately. A 5 mile jog should do it. Great job with the food, though, guys.
      Double Cheeseburger Pizza $12
      BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza/Large Original Crust $16.99
      BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza/Gluten Free Crust $13.99
      13 more prices
    • ZaLat Pizza Richardson Cityline

      Restaurants Places that have pizza
      115 reviews
      TX 75082, 1551 E Renner Rd #810, Richardson
      Delicious pizzas, fast service.
    • Pizza Hut Express

      Restaurants Place for pizza
      2 reviews
      TX 75081, 601 S Plano Rd, Richardson
      I celebrated my birthday this evening in this gorgeous place. happy to tell that it was a awesome evening and the venue was clearly the reason for that outstanding celebration. The team contributed in a graceful way, the meals were great and my…
    • Little Caesars Pizza

      Restaurants Restaurants that have pizza
      103 reviews
      TX 75081, 1220 E Belt Line Rd, Richardson
    • Domino's Pizza

      Restaurants Pizza places to eat
      63 reviews
      TX 75080, 518 W Arapaho Rd, Richardson
      I consistently order from this location and the pizza is also consistently good. I don't usually post reviews, but I had my pizza stolen off my porch, in the few minutes it took me to check after they called, and they offered to remake the order…
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