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in San Antonio
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304 reviews
December 7, 2023
Advantages Araya is an expert in massage and spa treatments that help with relaxation and healing. They have tailored treatments and can assess individual needs and tailor treatments accordingly. Whether it's a specific type of massage for muscle tension or a personalized spa treatment for skincare, the professionals can customize the experience to meet your needs. And it’s a great gift for your friends and family members this Christmas. Use code: ChristmasPeace for bonus treatments or ChristmasSpirit
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22 reviews
Flor L.
November 21, 2023
Comment The person who took my call was nice at the beginning, put me on hold for 2 or 3 minutes, she told me the system was down an could not give me an appointment, to leave the telephone number where they could reach me. I had problems with that company before, therefore I call back and ask if it was because the problem we had before, that please let me know if they were really going to provide the service or if I needed to find some other company, she told me "Then look for someone else" and
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Jon M.
November 19, 2023
Don't waste your time with this company or these people, they don't know what they're doing and they're not certified at all, absolutely no professionalism whatsoever. They took advantage of my 98-year-old grandmother didn't measure anything made everything much much worse. These people have no respect and don't stand behind their work, steer clear far away from this so called "company", they used cheap materials and corroded wood anything they could scrounge up. No warranty no nothing. I'd give
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julie M.
November 14, 2023
Advantages Dr. P. Pierre needs a cape and a mask- Nicest guy ever, excellent doctor, great listener, great conversationalist. Disadvantages Office staff seems to be on a power trip; I was originally told that the doctor wasn't accepting new patients, then that he didn't accept my insurance, then told he had trouble getting paid by my ins company...found none of that was true. I've been waiting 12 days, even after repeated calls, for the office to send the request for prior authorisation. Finally
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30 reviews
November 11, 2023
Advantages Juan is very nice and I love that he comes to your house! Thanks again for everything.
November 7, 2023
Good Support...
Mr e.
September 24, 2023
Advantages There are none. Bad customer service, they don't answer, they over charge you, they are unprofessional, and they lie. Disadvantages They lie, lie, lie... Horrible customer service, unprofessional. They don't answer the phone. They over charge you, Comment I regret calling this company. They have no sense of time. They don't know the difference between 1 hr and 5 hrs. I called this company (towing San Antonio) Also know as Shield towing. I told them I needed a tow. This was
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Isaiah p.
September 19, 2023
Advantages I really like the customer service there on potranco best goodwill I know ! everybody is nice there's plenty of options . everything has tags and then all the employee are wonderful especially this young lady Marissa! She helped me with everything I needed. Thanks you goodwill.!
45 reviews
September 17, 2023
Disadvantages Being ontime Date of services rendered 09-17-2023 Specialist description One employee that works here she does a awesome job I recommend u have her help with your hair cut. She's #1 here from haircuts shes a young lady with tattoos , glasses and she whita. Not the dark complected. We don't know her name but she always does my daughter hair.
Susan S.
September 7, 2023
Comment I am so grateful that we found Rehab Without Walls. My husband, Ralph, is a stroke survivor and has seen many therapists, but this facility is by far the best experience. The talented group of therapists truly believe in the potential of their patients, then work hard to help them succeed. They work together as a team (OT, PT and Speech) to maximize results. I've witnessed them improve the lives of many patients as well as my husband's. I highly recommend this facility!
10 reviews
September 5, 2023
Advantages Nothing Disadvantages Everything. Ended up doing the whole project myself Comment Josh took my money and made excuse after excuse how he was unable to refund my money. Been over a year and still haven't been able to return my money. Date of services rendered April 2022 Specialist description Pro time fencing
35 reviews
Joshua H.
August 10, 2023
Advantages Good prices great service Disadvantages None
7 reviews
August 9, 2023
July 29, 2023
Advantages Prices are standard Disadvantages Chris is a really bad guy who will try to cheat and steal from you at every turn. Watch out for this loser. Bought a cart from him that was defective and he cussed me out for asking him for help. Just a really bad person and I hope that you will consider this when shopping for a golf cart. Date of services rendered May 19, 2023 Specialist description Chris, owner
July 24, 2023
Comment Doll House Anti-Aging: The Vineyard, is undeniably the crown jewel of San Antonio's beauty and wellness scene. The moment you step in, you are met with an ambiance of professionalism intertwined with genuine warmth. Cynthia Ramos’ knowledge in anti-aging treatments is unparalleled, ensuring that each session is tailored meticulously to your needs. What sets her apart even further is her genuinely caring approach, ensuring every client feels valued and understood. Her proficiency is evident
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Brenda T.
July 24, 2023
Advantages Keith Bren was on time and very professional. My leaky faucet was fixed promptly and with care. Great experience!
22 reviews
Jerry S.
July 21, 2023
Advantages This company is the best in terms of credit repair Disadvantages There are no cons Comment Thank you so much 760Plus Credit Score for helping me improve my credit. I had a very low credit score I couldn't get approved for any credit cards or home loan which was very disappointing for me. I contacted 760 via 760pluscrditscor@gmail.com after reading so many positive reviews and I'm happy I did.  Now I’m pre-approved for a mortgage and am currently house shopping! It’s a dream come true
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1 review
Andrea S.
July 19, 2023
Could not be further from the truth. Lori is an amazing provider and compassionate person. I have the pleasure of having her on my team and can say nothing but positive things about her as an individual.
Rebecca E.
July 18, 2023
Comment I have never been so disappointed with a business. My son got a policy in Feb 2023 and paid in full. In April he recv'ed a bill for $154.20. I called the office and was told he did not provide documents for his discounts. I formed them that paperwork was sent and gave date. Office staff sttd they did have paperwork but it was never entered in computer but the safe driving "app" that goes in his truck had not been completed. Son told her he was having problems with it staying on. Was told
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28 reviews
Ernesto A.
July 3, 2023
Advantages Best Injury Lawyer I have cross paths with. Chip works directly with you on a personal basis. I like the fact that he works for his client and not for the insurance companies. He is very honest and straight forward with his clients. Always looking out for the well being of his clients. Comment Chip Haveman and all of his staff are very professional and willing to help. Forget about those high price tag lawyers who won’t even come to meet up with you face to face but send a representative
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167 reviews
Fabian B.
June 1, 2023
Advantages Fast response and trip planning Disadvantages Saved some money, but not sure how much Comment So far my experience has been decent. Looking forward to exploring more of what this company has to offer.
46 reviews
Jim K.
May 31, 2023
Disadvantages Very low quality of installation. Comment If you're looking for a quality installation THIS IS NOT THE PLACE. Longhorn Truck Accessories installed a grill guard and light bar for me a short while back. The wiring for the light was childish at best. As you can see from the photo the wire hanging down in the front of the truck and the rats nest of wires inside the engine compartment. The light switch inside is just hanging down under the steering wheel despite instructing them to use
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137 reviews
Melissa T.
May 24, 2023
Advantages None. They can only fool people that have no knowledge of automotive practices. These are not the original owners, they are scammers. Disadvantages They are dishonest, charge for services or parts not given, always scamming customers, overcharging, try not to honor warranties, and do bad quality work. They will take full advantage of you if you don't know any better. Comment SCAMMERS! TRUST THE BAD REVIEWS! They have ripped off my sister multiple times, but she didn't know any other
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3 reviews
May 17, 2023
VGM Heating and Cooling are fair, honest and reliable. Victor is really knowlegable and experienced and all his techs are great too.
20 reviews
Aaron F.
April 30, 2023
Comment Has anyone heard from or actually seen Akram Alkhafaji with the last 30 days? Repeated emails and phone calls do not get returned. No one at this organization will return our call or give us a case update, NO ONE. We have called repeatedly, they take our info but never get a return call. We have no idea where our immigration case stands, or if he is still a legal representative of this organization. Any info would be great.
Stephen u.
April 27, 2023
Poor company to work for. Talks to his employee like they are nothing. Is holding my taxes from me. Very unprofessional
April 25, 2023
Advantages Nothing at all Disadvantages Everything Comment Read the reviews beforehand like I should have. I’m writing this review from the parking lot of this shop while waiting for a locksmith because Vincent can not find my key to my truck. I left my excursion with him to bedline, all prep work was already completed by myself and I supplied all materials. After dropping it off he said it should be done in a couple days. 2 weeks later after still giving me excuse after excuse he tries to sell
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146 reviews
April 15, 2023
Advantages Great people, place and things Disadvantages Mite not be what you use to if you from California like myself... But for what its worth, its still some nice product and several options Comment Great people, place and things. Sincere interaction and a fun lil time. Im definitely goin back before I leave tho.
52 reviews
April 11, 2023
Comment Great place for a recharge, boost or hydration. Very friendly staff and a nice and quiet environment.
62 reviews
Leaselle N.
April 2, 2023
Advantages Staff was very attentive and kind Disadvantages My boyfriend and I were harassed by a regular for not being good enough to play pool. Typically I don't get to bothered by haters but this guy had the nerve to come and sit right next to the pool table and make ugly remarks as my boyfriend was just trying to teach me how to play. I tried to tell him he was being rude but he just got closer to me and started raising his voice. None of the staff intervened which was a very concerning factor
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49 reviews
Jose G.
March 29, 2023
Advantages Nothing much to be appealing be frank about this after this morning experience with the manager she doesn't deserve her position at all she is a very rude lady Nina and I had an appointment this morning and I was treated with respect by the staff employees but the manager came at me like I was just there. Date of services rendered 03/29/2023 Specialist description I didn't know her name she didn't introduce her self she is the manager or she wouldn't have spoken to me with authority
103 reviews
March 25, 2023
Advantages its okay Comment thanks to dr awowo for bringing back my ex husband, after fighting and he decided to divorce me and left with a different woman. he left me and the kids alone living us with nohing, but when i contacted dr awowo he decided to help me and he told me what to do. i did what he ask because it wasnt easy trusting him but i did trust him. but thanks be unto him after 2 days i recieved a call from my darling husband beging me to come back, and told me he mad a very big mistake
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