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in San Antonio
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Christine P.
February 7, 2023
Advantages I have had imaging and testing done here and love the service I’ve received as well as the professionalism and caring of the people performing the testing. I am thankful for the caring way they have taken care of my 75 year old father and his fears. My father Roger.M just had imaging done this morning and they are very patient with the thousands of questions he asks. The doctor forget to send over the order and they got right on the phone and had it faxed to them while he waited a short
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44 reviews
Anita H.
January 30, 2023
Advantages N/A Disadvantages Long term trauma and mental distress due to physical, emotional, sexual abuse. Comment Food was with held and physical abuse was to expected by the staff members. Kids slept on the floor in the halls and regularly had shoulders popped out of sockets because of the method of aggressive restrain for no valid reason. Date of services rendered 2009 Specialist description N/a
1 review
Luisa G.
December 21, 2022
Best hairstylist I ever had! He is wonderful ❤️ always working his magic on my hair, flawlessly beautiful 😍 I love Cesar Ferretiz 💕I will follow you anywhere you go! Thanks.
Gen G.
December 20, 2022
Advantages Daniel Escarcega did an excellent job. Because we were unfamiliar with our heating system he explained what he was doing and what parameters he was looking for with our heating system. He actually filled in for another worker last minute, which we appreciated. Comment Comfort-Primo makes sure they get some who can get the job done.
December 13, 2022
My experience with Dr Gyani was exemplary. She effortlessly and carefully injected fillers and botox as needed and never was pushy in doing or recommending more than what was needed. My face looks fabulous! Would absolutely return for a touch up!
audrey m.
November 28, 2022
Front desk Melody was rude. My daughter went in following her first MVA. She was scared, in pain, and is a college student without funds. The MVA was not her fault. Melody insisted she pay $150.00 before leaving but when I asked to speak with her she said "No, you're the patient" and refused to get on the phone. In my experience, a patient can provide permission to speak with another individual regarding their bill/care, particularly when I would have been the one to pay the bill. This woman
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6 reviews
Christian M.
November 18, 2022
Advantages We have lived here for a little over 3 years and we have had no issues whatsoever. Our neighborhood was very nice, and quiet. Maintenance was always on point and finished the job in a timely manner. Michelle Perez helped us a lot through the process when moving in, she’s very helpful and simply the best!!! Customer service is also very helpful and don’t leave you hanging when you call.
123 reviews
Ron M.
November 9, 2022
Advantages Professional staff, prompt repairs and quality work Disadvantages Nothing' I was very satisfied with Rene's staff and the quality work performed. Comment Rene's staff at his shop was very professional and they repaired the leather work on my truck so that it looked like new. The repairs were completed promptly and the leather work looked great. The work performed was charged at a very reasonable rate. I'm very pleased with my experience and I'm planning to return and have my corvette
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November 4, 2022
Wow what a waste of time. Drove over there as directed by progressive and was turned away said nobody could help me. San called me back to apologize and ordered the wheel that I needed. So I waited 10 days and called him back. He said the wheel was ready for me to come in so I showed up the next day as directed. When I showed up he said that sent the wheel back and they don’t have it. Two trips lots of waste of time very inconvenient never deal with this company again
Arturo G.
October 11, 2022
Comment Leon & Polo Thanks for Going beyond on helping me and others, Great friendly service
October 3, 2022
Very disappointed in the way this place conducts themselves. They had been seeing a client prior to a crisis/breakdown due to trauma and work related issues. When contacted during the crisis they changed their therapist, which was someone they felt they could trust. After 4 weeks waiting for work related paperwork to be filled out and 3 paid sessions with the new therapist, it was decided by Blackbird that they did not have counselors/therapists capable enough to treat them, and then referred
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Dawn F.
September 22, 2022
Advantages Professional Organized Respectful Disadvantages None Comment I went in for the weight management program, which I have had great success on. The office manager, Zach, and Dr. Josephine are always there to answer any questions I have in a timely manner. The whole office staff is respectful and well trained in each of their jobs. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.
112 reviews
Heather L.
September 20, 2022
Advantages None Disadvantages Run away & buy local!! For the last 2 yrs, we have been contracted to buy our soccer club uniforms from The Soccer Factory. These orders are generally placed 1.5 to 3 months ahead of season. The last 2 seasons, we did not receive our orders til we were near the end of season...only using them for a couple of games. Its happening again this fall season. Paid good $$ for uniforms & still have to go out and buy another matching (temp) uniform so we can start the season
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1 review
T. B.
September 12, 2022
I took my wife's dog to Mr. Jimi Khoh @ Massage Solutions for a therapeutic pet massage. He (the dog) had recently been diagnosed w/ back problems & we were worried about his mobility. I was skeptical @ first, but Mr. Khoh did an excellent job of: a) making our pet feel relaxed, b) identifying obvious physiological problems, & c) increasing his mobility & ambulatory range. Pleasant atmosphere & the professional demeanor of Mr. Koh were added benefits. I recommend this business to anyone that's
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81 reviews
Avani S.
September 2, 2022
Advantages I am still in treatment but I don't even want to leave. The staff is incredible and extremely helpful. In the 3 and a half weeks I've been here they have completely opened my eyes and heart. I've found God as I understand him and I've never been happier. Thank you to my SARC fam!
1 review
Sean Q.
August 26, 2022
I caled them to tow my car. The first price they offered was $125.00. Then was told that they couldn't get my car because of the position it was. Mind you my car was towed by another company and they only charged me $80.00 I just could not remember their name. After they manage to get my car out the parking lot. They shot the price up to $450.00 due to them making up an issue and having to pick it up like a repo. Which made no sense. I told them I could not pay it and as told they will take my car
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25 reviews
Ms. M.
August 9, 2022
Glad to see Dr. Laura Davis is no longer here. She was extremely RUDE. Dr. Gutierrez is awesome. He has excellent skills working with kids. Waiting time is way too long, and the waiting area is like sitting in the sauna. TURN ON THE AC!
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