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in San Diego
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1 review
January 29, 2023
Amazing instructor and down to earth! My daughter took lessons for a year with Nicole and then I joined the musical bandwagon and started taking lessons myself. She’s gives fun and quirky explanations and analogies to easily understand musical terms I never once knew. We love it! Also my daughter actually likes to practice now because she has gotten to a point to where she’s playing songs that she enjoys.
34 reviews
November 28, 2022
Advantages My mom make best nail 💅💅 🤗
Amada O.
November 11, 2022
Advantages The young employees keep the paying customers happy by not locking them out when they arrive on time. Disadvantages Google "Bikram Choudbury is a fugitive from justice". Google the accusations of SA and racism, the lawsuit against Bikram. When you have a problem with a rule here, there is no higher admin to help you, only Bikram's old friend Jim. Jim banned my mother and cousin, two Mexicans from Tijuana, after locking the door 5 minutes before class and refusing to let us in. My cousin
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1 review
Marlie R.
November 7, 2022
Heather Dawn Hurst Mckee, Heather Dawn, Heather Hurst, Heather Mckee, Stephanie Harper, who else..? OH Lisa Sousa... hmm what other names does she like to use... OH Ecomonsale, Ecomonsalenow... hmmmmm.... what else??? This woman makes her living selling "websites" that are not legit! Not legal! They're all blacklisted, full of spammy adds and a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!! She is 110% a lier, she's good too, will tell you you'll make money from month one but you'll NEVER make money with her. Once
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Michael S.
October 26, 2022
Not sure how you got those good reviews! I would like to give you minus 5 star if there is one ! I called to scheduled my dental teeth deep cleaning and doctor visit appointment on October 5th, I also emailed my X-rays and my insurance information to you as your receptionist requested, then I got an email from you confirmed my appointment on October 26th at 1530. I called your office two weeks ago to ask about are there any co-pay for my teeth deep cleaning, I have been told you will call me back
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10 reviews
Mc D.
October 5, 2022
"NO STAR* Worst experince ever. No one should go thru what we went thru after loosing a loved one. PLEASE look into at least two other companies before you decide on this one. It's always good to compare prices plus you will see the difference in customer service and quality.
26 reviews
Megan O.
September 16, 2022
I have an older tri-level home and discovered trace amounts of Chrysotile asbestos (0.30%) in the joint compound. CA rules are pretty strict—anything above 0.1% is treated as hazardous, so after researching I chose Watkins because they were responsive, cost competitive and had great reviews. However, based on my nightmarish experience that’s where the positives end. Short version: Watkins did not follow the agreed procedures. Their techs did not install proper containment around work areas and
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67 reviews
September 1, 2022
If I could leave no stars I would. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had at a salon. I came in for a very simple service, I wanted to get a gloss on my hair to deepen my tone overall. By the end of my apt I was thrown out like a wet dog on the street. I literally left with my hair in a wet, knotted ball and the salons page @rinsesalon & stylist (Stephanie Montano) BLOCKED my personal instagram and business instagram, as well as my girl friend's who referred me here within an hour
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26 reviews
August 24, 2022
That’s actually not too bad… the fees, taxes, surcharges, etc these food delivery services add are CRAZY but I assure you, not scams. People use the services though bc it is convenient, especially with gas prices going up, & for me, it’s often better I order food delivery instead of going out to pickup food as I’ll often end up running other errands & spending EVEN MORE if the money I don’t have. I do find it most odd that we have started this new trend of tipping service provider BEFORE we know
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30 reviews
August 22, 2022
Disadvantages The website nor the representative informed me of the requirement of credit length / age regarding credit history I was denied because my credit history wasn't long enough in age and nothing paid off in a large amount Beware you can be denied also for these same reasons Date of services rendered 08 / 2022 Specialist description Capital USA representative
19 reviews
rong l.
August 20, 2022
Advantages Honest, diligent, sincerely, Dependable with great service, Comment I am the first time borrower that I was so worry and wonder if I should trust him or if I can really get the house loan. Fortunately, it was done successfully and it was an easy process with the help from Nelson Paul. To compare the anxiety of worrying about if I can get through it , the time frame of the process was out of my thoughts. It was done pretty fast without any complications. Thanks to the OBmortgage.
Evan F.
August 17, 2022
After a year with SDAB, I feel obligated to warn others to stay from this business away as long as Simone is still there. Admittedly, our little one enjoyed much of her time there, and made some life-long friendships, but the experience with Simone specifically is not worth it. The treatment of children is below the standards we expected. Our own child was treated better than others, but when injured the response was lacking. We saw children pulled from classes for vindictive reasons, to get
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2 reviews
Tony R.
August 15, 2022
Luisa and her sister took great care of our mother. They were very patient and delightful. Always Punctual and Very Hardworking sisters. I would highly recommend them.
66 reviews
Colin. J.
August 14, 2022
I live in San Diego and called ahead to get an idea of the price and services entailed. But after I got there and they had my dog they charged me double the price that they initially told me over the phone and then the next day when I had to pick up my dog and get his medicine then they said it was going to be $100 for two of his prescriptions that were basic antibiotics and a fungal medicine. When they told me on the phone that all the medicine would be included. And I did not bring any more money
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