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in San Jose
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34 reviews
January 17, 2023
This shop terrible customer service . They very very bad service . They scam people don’t know business . Be careful when due with them . Not professional store . Hope bureau of auto repair department inspection this store ..
December 20, 2022
Disadvantages My family member went to see Chaman regarding family problem few months ago he said he could fix problem in 3 dayys or 2weeks of course she wanted results sooner went to ATM paid him was advised to call him and she would see results nothing happened them Chaman was out of country guy was there now they dont answer phone money thrown down drain Date of services rendered September Specialist description Chaman and younger guy working there
31 reviews
Mrs V.
September 25, 2022
Advantages Highly skilled, exceptional, outstanding professional representation!! Disadvantages N/A - None Comment First thing's first, I'm very proud of my attorney Vijay!! He really understands and takes into consideration the needs of his clients very seriously and acts accordingly. To me, he's the greatest soul ever on this entire earth. The Judge has been extraordinary in concluding the case with fairness and providing the best Judgment anyone can ever offer. I'm glad to say that I was
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1 review
Heidi M.
September 1, 2022
Have had the absolute worst time dealing with Covenant. There were no clinics near me that were in network. Had a small procedure done and said there would be 20% out of net work coverage and been fighting for it for 2 years. Sent in all the information they needed and got no response. Called multiple times just to be rerouted to someone else and then hung up on because I wasn't talking to an office in my state. WTH . I call the main number online and get no where. Call the specific number for billing
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62 reviews
sean r.
August 26, 2022
Advantages 24-7 service for your animal. Disadvantages None to report. Comment Had an issue but the owner called me back and was very professional. Date of services rendered August 3, 2022 Specialist description Margarita was the floor supervisor. Nice lady.
August 11, 2022
Is it possible for me to contact u they did the same thing to me
15 reviews
Kingsley U.
August 10, 2022
Advantages Great resources and helpful insights. Comment I had requested the Customer Service Executive handling my company account to specifically mention OEM profiles and give me a customized database for the Auto and Automotive Email List repeated follow-ups only we got it, but the ultimate end result was so impressive that I almost forgot the hassle faced. I am keeping my fingers crossed to grow with this great team in my business. Thank you, team, for the great resources and helpful insights.
Samuel L.
August 8, 2022
hired Phillip and his team which consisted of him an his partner nick. Everything was good till nick left who mainly handled my case. We were assured by Mr rose we had this and delt with him going into trial. When we got to court for trial. He buckled with his new team. Everything went out the window. He was not the same person we had hired. We ended up taking a deal. Because he wasn't the confident lawyer we hired. It was a change from 1 day to the next. But once we left the court room after the
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