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in Scottsdale
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John F.
September 23, 2023
Comment After BBQ Guys/You Get it Done Guys, left my home I was stoked, they had fixed and cleaned my grill, Paul L asked if I would leave a review and I was happy to do so. I quickly paid my bill to include a 10% tip because I was so happy with the service I had received, I then began my review. I In fact gave him and his company a very positive review. I gave a pro and a con which is what a reviewer does. The con was the fact that his employee and himself were not on time, obviously was not
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78 reviews
September 22, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages TLDR: I took my dog in for a simple teeth cleaning and signed a portion of the form that allowed them to do extractions without getting my approval first, they wanted to extract 60% (19 )of my dog’s teeth. The vets defended the decision even though this would greatly alter my dog’s overall health. I would not visit this vet. - I have an audio recording of the whole interaction. Feedback for the vet: I would make it VERY clear if an owner signs this part of the form
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96 reviews
September 9, 2023
Advantages Nothing Disadvantages Patterson remodeled our home with out pulling the proper permits with the city. I filed an ROC complaint because Brad told me to because they refused to correct anything that was wrong. So when I filed the complaint the inspector asked Jake and Jason if they pulled the permits for electrical plumbing and structural and they said no. So now the city along with the roc has an open case. This project started august 24 2021 and they still haven’t completed the job properly
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8 reviews
anderson h.
September 4, 2023
Advantages Great service at affordable rates! Disadvantages no thing Comment "Their prices are unbeatable, and their service is excellent!"
124 reviews
Jason P.
July 26, 2023
Advantages Bobbi Uptain has been the most helpful jewel in this moving experience, she has guided me skillfully thru my transition and made her self available on many encounters so codos to such a wonderful treasure
14 reviews
Jerry K.
July 26, 2023
Advantages None Disadvantages Amanda is incompetent along with her underling Lisa Boersma. Very poor communication and are basically liars. Stay away from these people. Can not complete a loan on time and then refuse to communicate. Hired an incompetent appraiser that did not know the market and he seriously undervalued the property. They did not care and did nothing about it. Date of services rendered July 2023 Specialist description Lisa and Amanda were the buyers lender. Kept making
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20 reviews
Noelle C.
July 18, 2023
Comment Shannon recently did my daughters cake smash photos for her 1 year birthday and I couldnt be more pleased! My daughter Caroline arrived and wasnt her normal happy self, crying for about 20 minutes straight. Shannon then offered to reschedule the shoot and the second session went great. The fact that she offered to reschedule showed me she really cared about her work and giving me beautiful images that I woud cherish forever! I cant say many photographers would do this! I have also done mini
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4 reviews
April 26, 2023
I had the displeasure of working with agent Evan Twombly and it was a complete disaster from start to finish. From the moment we began working together, he was unprofessional, unreliable, and completely disorganized. He would often miss important deadlines, and I had to constantly follow up with him just to get any sort of update on the status of my search. It was clear that he was not invested in my best interests and was just looking to close a deal as quickly as possible. Furthermore, his
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14 reviews
Dr. M.
March 28, 2023
Advantages Centrally located in Scottsdale Disadvantages Rachell Hall, My Microblading experience with Rachel Hall at Rachell hall.com Rachell Hall It has been almost four years since Rachell Hall left my face asymmetrical after using powder ink to fill my eyebrows instead of the microblading services I requested. This is what I call a beauty enhancement ‘malpractice’!I have felt awkward in public ever since then! For nearly four years now, it has truly been a daily challenge to
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