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What data can I see in my business account?

Your business account has all the information you need about your business's Nicelocal page, promotion statistics, and new reviews. In your business account you can respond to reviews and plug in additional products.
Your business account consists of several sections, which are listed on the left side of the page.
1. «Information.» Here you can edit the basic information on the page for your business:
2. «Statistics.» Here you can see all analytics for the promotion of your page:
3. «Reviews.» Reviews from your customers are collected here. You can answer them from your business account dashboard. On your page, responses to reviews will be marked: «Official reply from the business.»
4. «Settings.» Here you can configure notifications that come from Nicelocal.
5. «Help.» In this section you can contact Nicelocal support, ask questions, get answers, and submit orders or requests.
You can also check out our FAQs, which already contain the answers to many questions.
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