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Why is company X higher than me in the Nicelocal search results?

All companies on Nicelocal are compared based on identical criteria that determine their ranking in the search results. This means that if company X is ranked higher, it will be displayed higher on the list. To make sure your page gets a high rank, you need to consider the basic criteria. The most important criteria are:
  1. Quantity and quality of ratings. The more good ratings a business has, the higher it will rank.
  2. Reviews. The more good reviews a business has and the more positive feedback there is about its services, the higher it will appear in the catalog.
  3. Responses to reviews. The more responses a business offers to reviews, the higher its page will rank.
  4. Amount of information on the page. A unique description of the business, photos, special offers, a price list, employee info — the more information like this a busines has on its page, the higher it will rank on Nicelocal.
  5. Visit-to-call conversion. The more users there are who visit a page, then call the business, the higher the page will rank.
  6. Linked premium account. If a company makes its page as well as possible and has a Nicelocal premium account, we will also rank it higher in the search results.
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