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Reviews Management Guidelines

Users who want to choose a company on Nicelocal primarily care about three categories: price, location, and reviews. We want to be useful to them, so we try to make sure all the materials and reviews on our service are accurate.
People leave lots of reviews on Nicelocal every day, both positive and negative. Every reviewer has the option to edit or delete their review within 24 hours.

Review Moderation on Nicelocal

Once the period during which the user can edit or delete a review has elapsed, all reviews undergo initial moderation. A review will not be published on the company's page and in its business account until it has been confirmed to follow Nicelocal's rules.
Review moderation usually takes up to three business days, but sometimes it can take longer.
You can read more about the moderation process in our knowledge base.
Please keep in mind that a review reflects a user's personal opinion and subjective perspective and cannot be taken as an objective evaluation of a company's activities. Nicelocal bears no responsibility for the contents and accuracy of information posted in reviews and comments by users.
We only reject reviews that do not meet the moderation criteria and reserve the right not to provide a specific reason for rejecting a review.
During moderation, we reject reviews that:
  • contain information that breaks the law;
  • contain data from personal documents, as well as any personal data that has been posted without the consent of its owner;
  • do not contain information about the company's activities or are not constructive, which can apply to reviews that only contain criticism without indicating any specific issues with goods or services provided by the company, reviews that contain information about the company as an employer, including information about its hiring process, interviews, and other information, reviews that contain accusations of criminal and/or or unlawful conduct, and reviews that contain links to online resources and websites that are unrelated to the company's activities;
  • contain advertising for the company's services, information about bonus offers, or other information intended to sell the company's goods/services, as well as information designed to promote unfair competition, including reviews and photographs that negatively characterize the company's competitors;
  • are indecent or uncivilized, including reviews that contain profanity or insulting language, including statements that discriminate on the basis of nationality, religion, political views, ethnic affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other factors;
  • are posted by by review-writing companies or from the same computer under various names;
  • are posted by multiple Nicelocal accounts or under different names on other websites.
We will delete the information indicated above without deleting the entire review if the review also contains constructive information about the company's activities.
In accordance with Nicelocal's editing policy, we may indicate that we consider a review to be suspect. This applies to:
  1. Reviews posted from the same IP address as the company more than once every 14 days;
  2. Reviews posted by the same user on the same company page more than once every 14 days.

Reviews Management Guidelines

1. Positive reviews
Companies that have received a review can express their gratitude or respond to questions in the review. This is a way for companies to show they care about their clients' loyalty.
To post a response to a review:
  1. Go to your company's in business account on Nicelocal:
  2. Go to the «Reviews» section and find the review:
  3. Press the «Reply» button and enter your message:
  4. Press the «Submit» button:
Comments also undergo mandatory moderation and will not be published until they pass moderation. Moderation usually takes up to three business days, but sometimes it can take longer.
2. Negative reviews
If a review, in your opinion, does not follow the rules, you can dispute it:
  1. Go to your company's in business account on Nicelocal:
  2. Go to the «Reviews» section and find the review:
  3. Press the «Dispute» button and enter your message with the reason you think the review or comment is invalid, providing evidence if necessary:
  4. Press the «Submit» button:
The review will undergo secondary moderation and be checked for compliance with the rules you indicated. Secondary moderation also usually takes up to three business days, but sometimes it can take longer. If you can't log into your company's business account, contact our moderators at content@nicelocal.com so they can check the review again.
  • If a review follows the rules, but you don't agree with it, we recommend posting an official response to the review and asking followup questions. This will help you identify the specific incident described in the review and take steps to deal with any negative consequences.
We cannot delete real negative or positive reviews that follow the rules. We ask all partners whose business are posted on Nicelocal for their understanding in this matter. If you get an honest review, the best thing you can do is post a decent response. This will help you develop a reputation as a company that cares about its clients. If the problem has been resolved, you can write about this under the negative review, thereby neutralizing it.
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