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Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

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Reviews about Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

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  • The staff and volunteers are fabulous and really care for the animals. I had a great experience adopting my dog Penelope last year. Clean and well kept facility.
    • Nadine, it's clear to see Penelope is loving life with you. Thanks for giving her such a wonderful home!
  • I came with my mom to help her fine. I knew best friend and these people are very professional. Very nice! And she found her new friend Lori. Thank you very much to all the staff at animal welfare League of Alexandria
    • Thanks to you and your mom for adopting Lori, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!
  • They still make you wear a mask, as if that does any good. Covid isn’t spread to animals, and it’s not spread through surface transmission. The liberals who work here will be in masks the rest of their lives. I feel bad for them.
    • Ryan, we're sorry you are frustrated by our mask policy. Because our staff is responsible for all manner of care for the animals in our facility, it is important for us to do everything we can to keep staff safe (as well as our visitors) so that we can avoid an outbreak among our employees, which could mean we would not be able to provide basic care like feeding, cleaning and medication for those animals. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding so we can be sure we can continue – show
  • My daughter just adopted two cats from this shelter. The staff were very knowledgeable and helped us match our new kitties to our busy life. The animals are very well cared for, and the facility is clean and pleasant. They get a lot of time to play and get used to other animals and kids. Please consider adopting rather than going to a breeder. So many animals need good homes.
    • Elena, thanks to you and your daughter for giving these two kitties a wonderful home!
  • As other people have mentioned, this shelter is horribly managed and unorganized. You will have to jump through so many 'gating' mechanisms, it is amazing if anyone IS actually able to adopt an animal.

    1.) No walk-in's accepted. Appointments have to be made at least 24 hours in advance. However, their website is so stupid, you must be accessing it DURING business hours, to actually see available time slots. Otherwise it will just show that there are no available times. Also, you must enter
    – show
  • We had a great experience with this shelter! The staff that helped us adopt on 10/22 were kind, helpful, and very welcoming!
    • Thank you so much, Molly, and we hope everything is going well with your new pet!
  • Fast and amazing service, I just love my kitten so much
    • Thanks, Jay, and please let us know if you ever have any questions about your kitten!
  • I had a wonderful adoption experience at AWLA! Once I understood their appointment scheduler, I was able to quickly make an appointment to meet Gin Fizz (now Fizzy) and learn a little about her. After putting an adoption hold on her, I received a comprehensive review of her background during my consultation call, and brought her home less than a week later!
    • Ariane, we're glad everything worked so well for you, and thanks for giving Fizzy a wonderful home!
  • My friend and I Met a lady who said she was fostering puppies. The foster mom told us the puppies were free and we went through all the steps to get them. My dog was ready sooner and when I went to go pick her up I was told that I had to pay $350 I told them that I was informed that it was going to be free and they said that’s not true. This was supposed to be my daughters birthday present so I got the dog anyways. A few days later my friends dog was ready after being spayed and when she went to – show
  • Me and my wife have been trying to reserve an interview slot for over a week now, through their system, and every single time no slot had become available. I highly doubt that many people making that many reservations that quickly, and if they are then I highly recommend newcomers look elsewhere because this place is not going to accommodate.
    • Dominic, we're sorry you're having trouble finding an open appointment slot. Our reservations do fill quite quickly, but we invite you to contact our Adoption Team by emailing so they can provide you with more information about any animals you might be interested in.
  • Best experience! I made an appointment to take a look at the cats. The guy who helped was really nice and always made sure to answer all the questions. I fell in love with Polly. They provided with all the information about her in the same day. I had the Q&A session the following day and they said I could move forward with the adoption process and pick her up the next day. I am also happy that they provided me with her current medication to help me out while I get a vet visit. So happy with this – show
    • Jennifer, Polly looks like she is thriving in her new home already. Thank you for adopting her and giving her such a wonderful home!
  • We made an appointment to visit with a couple of dogs to adopt. We got there early and sat patiently until our time. What a busy place. Phone calls, people knocking on the door and staff everywhere. We were taken back to a room to visit with Romeo, Ghost and Chance. We took our time with each and decided on Chance. He was older, loves to play tug of war and after awhile layed down at my feet. We chose him. Romeo was an older puppy who loved to play. Ghost was very shy. All were very beautiful – show
    • Dean, we are so glad that Chance will be joining your family, and thanks for giving him an amazing home. We're so glad the appointment and meeting process worked for you, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions (or just cute photos of Chance living his best life with you all)!
  • The process was very easy, and meeting Danny and seeing him and a little of his personality combined with all our questions being answered, I felt like we were getting the dog that was going to fit very well in our home. After about a week and a half, and seeing more of his personality, he is the perfect dog for me, and my husband. I couldn't have found a better furbaby for us.
    • Hazel, we thrilled to hear how well Danny is doing with you. Thanks for giving him such a loving home!
  • We loved the experience of picking out our 2 newest family members here. The people that I saw working there definitely seemed like true animal lovers. The gentleman who showed us the cats even followed my spouse’s and my silent conversation over our kids heads about how many cats would be coming home with us (we went in expecting to JUST MEET 1 cat)

    Our kittens Frodo and Sam have settled in nicely as our first family pets. And even though we’ve just had them for slightly over 2 weeks we can’t
    – show
    • Elizabeth, thanks for giving Sam and Frodo (such cute names!) such a wonderful home! We're glad you had such a positive experience with us.
  • I am a volunteer. The dedication and commitment by the Staff and by the volunteers and to the animals of the shelter really enhances the quality of life of the animals. Please consider to adopt from the Animal League of Alexandria
    • Thank you so much, Lydia, both for your kind words and all you do to help all of our amazing adoptable animals.
  • I had a wonderful experience!! Navigating the website and making an appointment was so easy. They went over important information about the cat I was adopting and sent me home with so many essentials. You can tell that the animals at the shelter are loved and cared for so well.
    • Thank you, Rhea, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever have any questions in the future about your new feline family member!
  • Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with AWLA. To make a long story short, a few months ago I had recused a lost pregnant cat and later on decided to adopt this kitten from her litter and named her Scarlett-Rose (formally Sour Patch).
    She is full of energy and definitely keep me on my toes. I’m lucky to have her.

    AWLA staff was nice and professional from beginning to end. I had decided to use a program that assisted U.S. Veterans with a pet adoption called Vets Adopt Pets. AWLA staff kep
    – show
    • We're glad you had a good experience, Charles, and thanks for giving Scarlett-Rose such a wonderful home!
  • I do not recommend this place. My kids had their heart set on one particular cat and when I scheduled the appointment I was told that we were the only ones meeting him and that we had the first time slot. Then when I called to verify our appointment I was told that he had to be scheduled to be neutered but I would get the first appointment for the following day. The next thing I know I am put on hold and then told that suddenly someone has an appointment BEFORE us and the cat ends up being claim – show
    • Alaina, we are sorry you did not have a positive experience with us. We are currently operating on an appointment-based first-come, first-served basis, and you were the second person signed up to meet with this cat, both when you originally signed up and when we rescheduled your appointment while he was in surgery. We're not sure why anyone would have told you he had no meetings scheduled before you, and if there was a misunderstanding about that, we apologize. We welcome you to contact us at – show
  • Very good experience here at the AWLA. Me and my husband walked in looking to adopt 2 kittens. They were very helpful in trying to accommodate us and give us an appointment even though they're very busy. Walked in and were assisted right away and shown their kittens. Staff seemed to know very much about their animals and their history. Animals seemed pretty happy and cared for in the shelter. We ended up adopting these 2 cute brothers (Shadow and Sunny). We renamed them to Yonni and Zeeke and so – show
    • Thanks for giving Zeeke and Yonni such a loving home, Sama! If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
  • I adopted Murky (originally Quinn) last year in late October. She's a petite, wild little lady and I'm so lucky to have her:) Her fur was thin and coarse in some spots when I adopted her, so I'm happy to report her fur has thickened and softened up. She also gained a pound, haha. Thank you so much for the opportunity to give her a home!! <3
    • Misty, we're so glad to here that Murky is flourishing in your care and doing so well! Thanks for giving her that opportunity!
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