Alexandria Cupcake

Alexandria Cupcake

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Alexandria Cupcake is a spot where you can get pleasure with your favorite drink and some patty cake. Are you in search of the vibe of hygge, attractive smells, and hedonic savoring? In this place, they serve pastry. Everyone deserves something pleasing in the middle of fuss. The staff should answer questions about items on the menu and will make sure orders are accurate. The smell of vanilla and fresh ground beans could be adorable and comfy when your order is in your hands. Besides, there are menu items for vegetarians.

Guests seem to be pleased visiting Alexandria Cupcake. 213 of them rated it at 4.15. Review several of 98 reviews below to ascertain you will like this place.

To find out more about the service, you can go to Alexandria Cupcake is located at Alexandria, VA 22314, 1022 King St. To contact this place, call (703) 299—9099 during working hours.

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Reviews about Alexandria Cupcake

/  98 reviews and 213 ratings
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  • Buen lugar
  • We enjoyed this place. Icing was good. Cupcake was a little dry but good overall. I would recommend this place.
  • We ordered 10 dozen cupcakes and a small cutting cake for our wedding reception, and everything was delicious! We ordered 5 flavors of cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate cocoa, pumpkin, red velvet, and peanut butter and jelly), and our cutting cake was almond flavored. The cupcakes were a huge hit! We had everything delivered from the shop to our venue, the Alexandrian Hotel. The cakes arrived on time and in perfect condition! I recommend Alexandria Cupcakes for just a quick treat in Old Town or for y – show
  • Best cupcakes around! The cookie dough one is SO good.
  • You really need to try these cakes. Super-light fluffy sponge with ridiculously tasty toppings.
  • I really wanted this place to be good but honestly, it’s not that difficult to make a good icing or cupcake. They have one item, cupcakes, and you’d think they’d be able to make a quality one. Unfortunately, they don’t. The icing was grainy and tasted and felt like icing piping from shoppers with a crumbly dry piece of cake underneath. There’s no excuse for making such poor quality cupcakes. I hope the owner takes a hard look at their decisions because I’m of many unsatisfied customers who will – show
  • I'm really into cupcakes so I decided to check out this spot. I order three cupcakes red velvet, lemon and coconut. The red velvet was moist and the cream cheese frosting was nice a fluffy; the other two cupcakes were very very dry. I was so dissapointed because after eating the red velvet I thought the other two would be just as moist. If I go back I would only order the red velvet.
  • $12 for two cupcakes is pretty wild, even for Old Town… there was not much of a selection of flavors
  • I’ve always loved this place but the gluten free cupcakes aren’t safe for people with celiac disease.
  • Our favorite cupcakes of all time light, airy, and not overly sweet.
  • Great place. Awesome service, and gluten free cupcakes
  • This was probably the worse cupcake experience of my life. I bought six and while the presentation was nice, the taste was bland and the worst of all the cake was DRY. I mean really dry. The flavor of rose water was sort of ok but the frosting was gooey. The chocolate cupcake was moist-ish but very dense. I wasted $35 and ended up tossing the whole box after taking a few bites out of each. Frosting ok, but cake was dry, dry, dry.
  • The red velvet cupcake took my breath away…I went I believe I was the last customer of the night and the customer service was amazing. I ended up buying 4 cupcakes. The bottom part of the cupcakes were perfect along with the frosting…perfect balance. Not too sweet…the red velvet brought me to my knees..THIS PLACE IS MIA CERTIFIED
  • Just got a dozen cupcakes and took a bite out of each. The flavors are forgettable. The cupcakes were all extremely dry, aside from the red velvet cupcake. The downside to the red velvet was that the icing was lack luster. The icing tasted only of cream cheese and nothing else. Very disappointing. Would not recommend.
  • Painfully average cupcakes
  • Got the bourbon, vanilla coco, coconut, and strawberry flavors. They were your standard cupcakes. Okay flavor but overall tasted about the same as store bought. In my opinion they were not worth the price and were not special.
  • We were walking around town and wanted to make a quick stop to see what they had before heading home. There's a nice selection of flavors. We started with a small order: dark chocolate and peanut butter cupcake, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, and a chocolate cayenne crinkle cookie.

    Everything was delicious. Now the cupcakes are a little smaller, but the flavors are spot on. The chocolate peanut butter had such a light and smooth frosting, a little peanut butter cream filling, and the cak
    – show
  • Awesome cupcakes. Friendly staff. My preorder was ready to go as scheduled. But there was plenty of ready to buy. Parking is a challenge as always in old town
  • My favorite cupcake place in NoVA! The red velvet never disappoint and I can’t get enough of the edible cookie dough (cookies and cream is my absolute favorite).
  • Best cupcakes:)
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Average rating - 4.2 based on 98 reviews and 213 ratings